DSC_0449Nothing finishes a new build like matching anodized parts. The problem is getting everything from hubs to chainrings that perfect shade of polarizing pink.Luckily for OCD owners , Paul Components has a brand new color anodizing program.

Starting (today) August 1st, they’ll be offering one custom color a month for any component at no additional charge. They’ll take orders for the custom color over the course of the month and ship the following month. The ano schedule for the next 7 months is available on the website. Orange, purple, pink, etc… will all be available in the next few months.

Photo Jul 29, 2 24 51 PMThe first color up is Orange but if what you really want is pretty pink…You can pay an additional $75 per order for a custom color at any time.

Photo Jul 30, 12 34 38 PMMatching red sandals not included

The quick turn around on their custom ano program is possible because Paul components are all manufactured here in the United States. Check out our tour of their Chico, CA factory here.


  1. The opening sentence would ring a bit truer if it said, “Nothing shows you’re a non-riding bikes-as-jewelry poseur like matching anodized parts on a bike posed next to a sofa in your living room.”

    Welcome to 1995.

  2. does take you back to kooka days but hey, leaning against a sofa or leaning into a turn, run it if the sh*t works for ya on any level…rainbowed or murdered out. If you aren’t racing for a living you’re overbiked anyway.

  3. I would like if things were more like 1995…there were more american made quality products. Paul continues to do it right. As far as color and matching, to each their own – if you don’t like it, look away.

  4. Wanting things to look nice, or the way the owner prefers, equals shallow/poser/non-rider?? SMH….Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. I ride hard AND my $h!t looks good.

  5. Wow, haters wanna hate. I may just buy all the colors and all the parts to see if these guys track me down to beat me up.

    Looks rad to me.

  6. My dad is color blind and I always mess with him and his bike and kits. He thought UPS trucks were green for the longest time. If you can see colors enjoy them! I have a paul chain guide and its dope.

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