Futura 2000 Colnago Master Pista 4

Back in 2007, Toronto based bike shop La Carrera collaborated with Colnago and legendary graffiti artists Futura 2000 and Stash, to produce 38 custom painted Colnago Master Pista track frames for an art show titled, Look Ma! No Brakes! While the 38 frames based on the artists’ designs were track frames, the prototypes for the project were road frames, meaning this bike is truly one of a kind. After Veltec’s warehouse closed in 2011, The Pro’s Closet unknowingly purchased 5 of the custom Master Pista framesets when the spreadsheet they were given simply said “custom painted Master Pista Frames.” Keeping one for themselves, the other four frames went for over $12,000 each. Considering this bike is a one off, prototype original, and it includes the hand painted HED Jet 90 wheels that were painted by Futura in 2011 as a gift to the creator of the project Nadir Olivet, the price tag seems a little more reasonable.

Regardless, the artwork is currently for sale on ebay for a staggering $110,000. Check out the auction, or just do a little window shopping after the break.

Futura 2000 Colnago Master Pista

Known for his intricate work, and collaboration with Lance Armstrong in 2005, Futura is a well known graffiti artist, clothing designer, and even author with a book set to come out in 2014. Supposedly inspired by Wonderbread, the paint job on the prototype Master Pista frame is paired with chrome stays and fork, and a Cinelli Pantograph seat post. Of course, the Cinelli Caleido bar tape makes an appearance as well (if there was ever a bike that called for it, this is it). Everything on the bike is new and unused including the 2012 Campagnolo Super Record group.

Just what kind of build are you getting for more than $100k?

  • Wheel-Set: HED Jet 90
  • Groupo: 2012 Red Edition Super Record – (180 mm cranklength with 53/39 chainrings, 11-21 cassette)
  • Stem : 110mm 3TT 2002 EVOL 1″ quill
  • Bars : Modollo Professional 44cm
  • Seat : San Marco Concor
  • Seat Post: 27.2 circa late 70’s Record, Cinelli pantograph
  • Headset : 1″ Chris KING threaded

And of course don’t forget the pink Schwalbe Ultremo R tires. The bike also includes limited edition Look Ma No Brakes/Futura cycling socks, t-shirt, and Push Messenger bag. You can buy it, here.

Futura 2000 Colnago Master Pista 5 Futura 2000 Colnago Master Pista 3

Futura 2000 Colnago Master Pista 2

  • Serial Number: prototypo
  • Size: 57 cm
  • Frame Material: Columbus Gilco Design
  • Fork: Colnago Precisa
  • Headtube Steer Size: 1″
  • Actual Top Tube Length: 55.7cm
  • Seat Tube Length:57cm (C-T), 55cm (C-C)
  • Seat Tube Angle: 73.5 deg
  • Head Tube Length:143 mm
  • Head Tube Angle: Unknown
  • Standover Height: 81cm
  • Seatpost Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Rear Dropout Spacing: 135mm
  • Weight: 8.38 kg



  1. I can respect the artistry that went into the paint, but beyond that I just don’t get it. And I think we can all agree that the price would be ridiculous even if a zero came off the end of it.

  2. For more on this project visit The Pro’s Closet’s Blog: http://theproscloset.com/futura-2000-limited-edition-colnago-master-pista/

    The bike is even more amazing in person. If you want to swing by The Pro’s Closet’s Boulder location you can ask for a tour and check out the frame as it is on display up in our offices.

    This is a museum quality piece of art with a bike frame as the canvas… hence the price tag. Not a bike you would see on your local group ride.

    Best of Rides,

    Nick Martin

  3. Whaaaa….

    I just came up with a brilliant idea.

    I’m going scavenge around my city and collect other kinds of “one off” art pieces created by graffiti artists. You know.. street signs, railroad cars, billboards, etc… and place them for sale as “priceless art” on ebay.

    Absolutely genius.

  4. @1Pro If you read the article you should have read this part too :”While the 38 frames based on the artists’ designs were track frames, the prototypes for the project were road frames”

  5. Oh man colnago can do better than this. Cinelli and keith Haring did this sort of bike/art collab way better. I don’t mind the dots but the overal look is gross with those wheels.

  6. Futura is a legend. Good to see him exploiting the rich in the same way the rich exploit the poor. The crazy carmine and silver paint pen wheels looks ghetto but maybe that is what he is selling. A ghetto toy for the rich boy. Wish he would have used a fresh hand style instead of the toy squiggles though.

  7. Robin Williams has one of those pista bikes hanging on his wall so yeah, it’s pretty much a trinket for the wealthy.

    As for the artwork side, $100k seems steep for what is essentially a niche work. When people buy art form major artists they usually want it in the medium the artist is known for. Calder prints go for little since he was mainly a sculptor, for example.

    Still it is cool and if you have the money why not blow it on this? I’d rather seem them blow it on this than a car or boat. I think a lot of the whiners are just jealous.

  8. $110,000?! No way! Even the dumbest rich fool isn’t going to drop that much money on a bike. Stupid! You could by a Ferrari, or a yacht, or something like that which could increase your chance of getting laid by like 1000x over… But a bike for $110,000?!

  9. They sell those round colour stickers in art shops and they also sell glitter pens, you could DIY you own bike for around a tenner at most. It was also be cooler cause you did it and not some art ponce.

  10. Generally I don’t get most “art”. Anyone with $100k that is prepared to spend so much on this if far far removed from my social networks and family. I will prob never understand the fuss over this awful bike.

  11. Lenny McGurr is no “art ponce”. I suspect he has more street (and artist) credibility than you and 110 000 Sharpies (or glitter pens for that matter); (though he might appreciate your DIU project if you had an original idea).

  12. You guys must not be familiar with places like Boulder, CO. Believe me, there are more than enough eccentric millionaires running around with too much money and not enough sense. This thing will get sold.

  13. Art is a world of its own, one with polarized opinions. It’s probably a bit too difficult of a topic to be handled in the comments section of a cycling blog.

  14. Looks like a Campy seatpost, I’m buying it. I think I’ll take some Goo Gone to the wheels though. Somebody must have drunkenly scribbled all over them.

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