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Anyone who has installed a number of racks knows what a PITA it can be – especially when you can’t find the right part laying around the shop to make that rack fit. Not only are Blackburn’s new racks impressive when it comes to fitting nearly everything right out of the box, they also have a number of features that will make them much easier to use while on the road like the ability to lock your bags and belongings. Using events like the Tour Divide and riding the entire Pacific Coast Highway as learning and product testing opportunities, Blackburn used the experiences to create some exciting products in the rack and bag category – something not that easy to do.

Check out the Interlock Rack and Bag system along with Blackburn’s automatically adjusting light after the break!

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Always one of the biggest problems with mounting racks – where are you going to mount it? The new Blackburn Fit System has you covered. Available on the Outpost front and rear world touring racks, and the Central and Interlock Rear racks, the Blackburn Fit System comes with everything you need to fit 26, 27.5, 700c, or 29″ wheels with rim brakes, disc brakes, and braze ons or none. Everything is included and shouldn’t require any bending, cursing, or searching for other parts to make the rack fit.

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The other big news for the rack technology is the new patent pending Interlock system which locks your bags to your rack and can lock your goods inside the bags on certain bags. Interlock racks are offered in the standard rear rack and a seatpost model with 45 and 22lb max weights respectively. Each rack has a keyed lock at the end which allows the top silver plate to lift. Then you simply mount your bags on the rail and then close the silver plate and lock it, thereby locking your bags to the rack.

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Interlock bags have steel braided zipper pulls that you can put the strap through and then lock under the silver plate. This won’t keep someone from slashing your bag, but it will prevent someone from just unzipping your bag and taking your stuff.

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Interlock compatible bags include the Barrier Universal Panniers, Rear Panniers and Trunk bag, Central Rear Panniers, Saddle Bags and Trunk bag, and the Local Rear Panniers, Saddle Bags, Trunk and Grocery Pannier.

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This Volagi Viaje was sporting a prototype front rack that will be designed for road bikes that don’t have braze ons for front racks. With the front axle supporting most of the weight, it looks like it would be fairly sturdy. We’ll see if this comes out in the near future.

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The new Central Smart front light is a fairly standard 500 lumens, but it has a trick that is quite unique. Using an ambient light sensor on the top of the light, the Central Smart automatically adjusts between 18 and 500 lumens. Want more light even though it’s bright out? Switch to manual mode and control it yourself. An illuminated fuel gauge shows you whats left, and the light retails for $199.99.

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Finally, whether you’re traveling, touring, or just want big air, the Wayside Hybrid pump offers a reliable pump that is far more useful than a mini pump. While not quite as big as a shop pump, the Wayside offers a single folding foot brace and a fold out T-handle along with an integrated gauge. A high/low pressure switch helps speed things up and a dual sided aluminum head is built for durability. At $59.99 if you have to rely on a pump to get you there, this looks a like a pretty good option.


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