The Lock8 is a new bike theft deterrent system which combines a standard lock, car alarm, and a slew of James Bond style GPS trickery. The only thing this lock doesn’t do is punch a bike thief in the jaw.

The Lock8 attaches to your chainstay and is charged via induction as you pedal by spoke reflectors with built in magnets. A cellphone app allows you to lock/unlock your bicycle, let your friend borrow or rent it, and alert you and others nearby with the Lock8 system if your bike is being tampered with. In the event your bike is snagged, you can track it’s whereabouts via GPS.

Lock8 On bike

You can use the Lock8 system over bluetooth for free, but tracking your bike requires a GSM connection. The company estimates the monthly data cost will be around $1.99 for US subscribers. The lock will also be available with several different cable options for those who want something longer or stronger.

Weight will be roughly 450 grams and, if the kickstarter campaign is successful, the first batch will ship in May of next year. Pledge 69 Euro (aprx $112 USD) to order your own here.

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  1. Shoot, when they cut to the thief riding away and the owner pulling out his phone—I was hoping he could remotely trigger the front wheel to lock up. How fun would it be to stand at your office window and watch a thief endo face first into a curb all at the swipe of your finger?

  2. I like this product. Locks with alarms are the future for bike locks.

    And they are right about one thing. Current bike locks are very poor value for money. If you think about it the cost of the best Kryptonite u-locks and chains are a total ripoff. It’s like half the cost of a car alarm! So why not incorporate an alarm into a bike lock? Bikes are increasing in costs every year.

  3. Its kinda cool but once the thief realize those are trackers they’ll just rip them off as well.
    There’s a similar system that only does the tracking, which goes in the seatpost tube, with a gps+gsm antenna that goes under the seat, thats a lot harder to see.

  4. What happens when you hear a car alarm? You ignore it like you would ignore this. As soon as it is tossed into a van the GPS is useless too. The largest problem with bike theft is that it goes unreported all too often. The police are way too busy with “real” crimes to seek out stolen bikes, and if a bike thief is caught they usually just get a hand slap only to be right back at it.

  5. Cool for some places… around here cables do not last long at all. Sure, you can track it.. but I’d rather use a U and not have to.

  6. What happens when you lock this at a busy and crowded bike rack and other people knock your bike or lock? What happens if you are one of those folks who cant lock there bike right and it falls right over? I feel like this will be just like a car alarm. LOUD and ANNOYING with people only concerned about the owner or thief turning that obnoxious siren off. Just learn how to properly use a U-lock.

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