If you weren’t already aware, the Netherlands is one of the best places in the world to be an urban cyclist. Take this floating bridge, which was recently erected in Eindhoven above a busy highway roundabout.

The Hovenring was not a cheap piece of infrastructure but it’s a beautiful addition to the city landscape. The 236 ft diameter structure sees over a thousand cyclist circumnavigate it’s track each weekend.

Via Neatorama


  1. Yes, it’s certainly a nice piece of cycling infrastructure, tried it on my evening ride.

    But it’s no substitute for the HC mountain we so desperately need. So if you have such a mountain available, we have an suspended roundabout and are willing to trade

  2. If you can get me a billion-ton barge, I’ll get you your mountain. It’s probably easiest to dump it in the sea and build a causeway out to it than try and move it inland.

  3. @local dutchman: But you have the wind, as you could see and feel today. I hope, everything is ok.
    The roundabout-bridge is a beautifull peace of infrastructure and you should be proud of it!

    Greetings from a german neighbour (with bad cycling infrastructure)! 🙂

  4. @plebs: I’ll check in my shed, may take a while, since I have the tendency to store my bikes and parts in front of my barges.

    @fraser: everything OK, Eindhoven is quite inland, so no real problems, thanks

    The idea for a Dutch mountain isn’t mine, a guy named Thijs Zonneveld is trying to raise the money to build us one. It’s quite complicated (duh) and cost about half the anual US military budget. His website: http://www.diebergkomter.nl

    The site is in Dutch only , but you can buy a €50 certificate to finance the research 🙂

  5. if this for USA is pure science fiction,here in Italy that thing would cost 25 billion euro,it would take about 20 years to be built,about 100 people would get arrested for bribery and corruption,99 of them would be acquitted and would enter in politics,while the bridge itself would crumbled in pieces at the first wind.

  6. Move there? How about just travel and ride bikes in NL. Biking in europe is fun. Some american cyclists I know would be blown away to witness the bike traffic in downtown amsterdam. The only pain is the cost of flying with the bike.

  7. The video shows something that doesn’t seem to fit with “floating bridge.”

    It is really a traffic circle for non-motorized transport, with a standard signalized intersection for motorized traffic below. And it is the former who have to power their way to from their “perch,” not those with motors.

    What kind of music should accompany closeups of the motor traffic?

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