Guru Fit SystemA few years ago Guru introduced a bike fit system which utilized an automated fitting machine paired with an extensive data base of existing bike geometries. Walk into a shop that offers the Guru fitting system and it will not only help you get your current bike setup dialed, but it can generate a list of bikes that will work with your build.

For this year, they’ve updated their impressive database with even more bikes, updated their fitting bike, and packed in even more value for shops and customers.  Head past the break to see how it all works…

Guru Bike Finder Start ScreenBicycle fit begins on screen. From here, a fitter can choose either the Bike Finder option, which allows them to select a bike from a newly expanded databse that includes CX, Tri, and MTB bikes, or do a ground up fit.

Guru 3D Rider SCan with KinectThe next step is to take your measurements. Rather than using a conventional measuring tape, a Microsoft Kinect quickly determines your measurements by digitally scanning you. Their team of engineers has been working on integrating this system for over 9 months and the end result is that extremely accurate measurements (that are within +/- 1 mm) are taken in a manner of seconds.  For bike shops, this makes basic professional bike fits simple and more cost effective.

At the convention, it was tricky getting the system to dial in my reading because of all the people walking behind the staging platform, but in a controlled environment, athletes will experience nothing but pure Sci-Fi awesomeness.

Guru Fit System Bike

Everything on this bike – down to the length of the cranks is adjustable in seconds.

The centerpiece of the entire system is the Guru Fit Bike. The motors react to each adjustment in a matter of seconds, so fitters can let riders easily test different bike setups back-to-back. Unlike most systems, the front end of the bike is positioned at an angle so it can better expand to accommodate people of different statures. The bike is versatile enough to fit 95% of the population. Anyone from 40″ (3’3″) to 7 ft Patrick Ewing will fit – sorry Yao.

The other big new feature this year is the introduction of elevation simulation. With a rider seated, the entire bike can simulate an incline or decline of 18%. By simulating different riding positions, it’s easy for riders to pinpoint potential problem spots before hitting that weekend club ride. The system also allows you to simulate your personal Strava segments using the smart trainer to dial in the best fit for particular races or stages (or KOM missions).

Guru Fizik Saddle


The Guru Database has measurements for partner Fizik, Zipp, and Truvativ components, but fitters can upload the measurements for whatever components you prefer.

When a bike shop purchases the $17,999 Guru Fit System they receive everything shown above and lots of support. The kit includes a computer, television, Microsoft Kinect, display racks, and an array of components from partners Fizik and Truvativ – whose numbers are already programmed in the system.

In addition to the hardware, the price includes a two day accreditation and training program. although any shop employee can learn to do a warehouse fit. An additional $500 monthly service covers any service or maintenance and gives shops access to online support and updates. The system allows shops to keep an upto date database of all the latest frame geometries and store customers data in the cloud. After a rider has had a Guro fit, their measurements and preferences are available to them through Guro or at any other shop who has purchased the system.

One unique thing about the Guro bike is that each of the motors also has it’s own IP address, so the system can be run or troubleshot from anywhere in the world.

Guru Fit Shoe System

After selecting all the different possible contact point variables, you can also have custom insoles created using the Aline system.

In Practice

I love riding bikes but my passion is for mountain bikes, so I asked my fitter to throw on a set of flat bars and help me dial in my Enduro slaying form. The team pulled up the specs for the Rocky Mountain Altitude we had in for review and put me through the machines paces. Having never sat through an official fitting before, I was impressed by how quickly my measurements and fit dialed in. In under 10 minutes the team had taken my measurements, set up the bike, and walked me through a variety of different positions and allowed me to experience them while standing in my aggressive riding position on a steep descent and while pedaling at in incline. Normally, after you build a bike, it’s not until you get on the trail that you’ve realized the bar rotation is uncomfortable for your wrists downhill or your new saddle is uncomfortable uphill, but you can experience all of those conditions on the Guru Fit Bike in a matter of minutes.



  1. CXisfun on

    Let’s hope they don’t flirt with bankruptcy again, because that $300 fit you just paid for is store remotely on their server……

  2. drosser on

    Guru appear to be owned by Dorel (owners of Cannondale and other brands) now, so I don’t think they’ll be going bankrupt any time soon.

  3. crank on

    In 1998 I was doing a little bit of work with an Australian frame builder who made himself a fit bike using motors to adjust everything the same as the Guru one. I always wondered why he didn’t market it. Fittings became so quick and easy.

  4. Jeff on

    18k, but then an additional $500 a month after that.

    So $24k the first year and $6k a year after that…..

    And anyone else notice that the kinect wireframe is no where near to lining up with the person?

  5. Mike on

    Sigh, no they are not taking a pay per fit fee going forward with the new system. Thats why they have the monthly service fee. They are getting away from the pay per fit biz model. Note I do not work for the company but I worked for a Guru shop and attended inter bike. As far as the wire scan ya thats a terrible screen shot, they may have been moving. I got to test it and despite the hundreds of people behind me it was very accurate in getting my arm, shoulder, inseam measurements.

  6. Isaac on

    18k for the unit, 6k a year for “maintenance”, Guru owns your fit data and you still need to have a half-decent Fit Technician to operate the machine. The best Bike fit techs in the world are NOT using this machine, Guru/ Cannondale is trying to replace the fitter with a Microsoft Kinect. Do yourself a favor and pay for a proper anatomical fit with a Certified fit technician.

  7. C. Marple on

    @Ryan – the GURU Fit System is completely brand-neutral and does not prioritize one brand over another. The GURU database features over 50 brands with more than 1,300 models across major categories (road, mountain, cyclocross, recreation, tri). Retailers can choose to show all brands – or tailor their database to the brands that they carry.

  8. GURU Sports on

    @Isaac – see below for clarification on the points that you raised:

    1. The annual service fee covers each of the following essential services:
    – 24/7 online training – exclusively available from GURU, giving all shop employees access to world-class training which ensures that all fits are executed flawlessly.
    – Monthly software updates to continue to expand the GURU Fit System’s capabilities. Our system will always feature the best available technology available in the industry.
    – Tech support (hardware/software) – system’s unique IP address allows us to access any GURU Fit System from any location.
    – Customer management tool allows retailers to access quantative fit data (weekly/monthly fit reports, new bike sales vs. fit-only services).

    2. All GURU fit data is available locally on each GURU retailer’s computer. GURU stores the fit data to allow retailers and consumers alike to access it at any time – and in the event that a retailer’s data is compromised, GURU can always re-send this data to shop employees or consumers. Contrary to what you are implying, GURU does not shop or sell this data to any outside sources.

    3. The GURU Fit System does not replace a classically-trained fitter – it provides any fitter/shop employee/etc. to deliver more precise, rider-focused fit results with the best possible fit experience. Every GURU retailer is required to pass a series of online training classes and attend in-person training at the new GURU Academy prior to any system installation – unlike other fit companies/tools which do not require any sort of certification, GURU/FIST certification is required. GURU is making the fit process better for fitters and consumers alike – and is certainly not designed to replace the human portion of bike fit. If anything, the GURU Fit System is the most fitter-centric AND rider-centric fit system available – because you are able to analyze and feel differences in individual riding positions at the push of a button (you never have to stop pedalling on our fit system on account of manual adjustments – everything is adjusted in real-time in a truly dynamic environment).

    4. GURU utilizes the Microsoft Kinect camera for anatomic data collection and real-time motion capture analysis. While this data is critical in driving fit sessions for clients, the camera itself certainly does not replace a fitter’s expertise in any capacity. GURU’s Rider Scan technology replaces the need for manual measurements by seamlessly capturing a rider’s anatomic data (height, inseam, shoulder width) at the push of a button – no more inseam tools/tape measurers! In addition, the camera delivers markerless motion capture analysis – enabling the rider to pedal in supreme comfort and not needing to wear any bulky equipment. Motion capture includes Z-plain and X/Y analysis for real-time motion capture analysis.

  9. A. on

    Neat toy, but it certainly doesn’t mean better fit. Quicker, perhaps… better “smoke and mirrors”… but the fitter still would have to dictate the position, not the machine.

    The best fitter I’ve ever worked with (in 20 years of the bike biz) was a guy who never had formal certification and used a tape measure. He was intelligent, had a great understanding of bio-mechanics and knew how people should be positioned on a bike. I’d go to him over any 2-day-course Guru fitter.

  10. Jonny on

    Worked with this system in a failing shop and it still paid for itself. The training was amazing and the support was awesome too. The system allows a knowledgeable fitter to do their job better. I personally love the idea and system but that’s just me. Keep up the good work Guru.

  11. GURU Sports on

    @”A.” – the GURU Fit System certainly does not replace a fitter. The system provides fitters with superior precision and efficiency – delivering the best possible fit experience for riders of all ages and experience levels.

    Because the Dynamic Fit Unit allows the fitter to make real-time adjustments, this allows fitters to analyze changes to a customer’s riding position with greater precision – while also providing customers with the ability to better understand what is happening to their riding position. You no longer need to mount/dismount or wait for manual adjustments – all changes are done on the fly.

    In addition, our comprehensive training center ensures that every GURU retailer is completely certified to run our fit system. Unlike other fit tools, training is not optional with GURU – it is required. We provide in-person and online training for our retailers – which ensures that every GURU retailer is fully versed in not only how to run the system, but also has a complete understanding of fit science and our protocol.

  12. GURU Sports on

    @Paul – the GURU Fit System is equipped with 14 saddles from Fizik, and the Spine Concept test is featured in our fit process. This allows cyclists to select the best saddle for their intended use based on their riding style and flexibility. You can compare and contrast different saddles during the fit process to identify the best saddle. With regards to position, the saddle is placed in the middle of our saddle clamp and is positioned level to ensure neutrality. Once the fit session is complete, GURU generates a personalized fit report with your final saddle height/setback – which is easily replicated on your bike with our X/Y laser level.

    With regards to cleat placement, GURU does not recommend one particular position for cleats. Given that there are so many schools of thought when it comes to “proper cleat placement,” GURU does not prescribe a particular protocol for cleat placement – we recommend utilizing the manufacturer’s recommendations for placement (shoe & pedal companies respectively). Instead, we include the Aline Insole System with our overall kit – which supplies insoles to perfectly align a rider’s knees while pedaling. Properly aligning your knees while pedaling ensures that the rider is in supreme comfort and is able to pedal with greater efficiency. You can learn more here:

  13. Jeff on

    I wonder if they could eventually build up a model database where all they would need are your measurements. They could also stock pile the average measurements of riders and sell this information to frame designers.

  14. GURU Sports on

    @Jeff – our brand-new Bike Finder fit will recommend a given size to start a fit session based upon the athlete’s anatomic data. This data is captured by our 3D camera utilizing our Rider Scan technology.

    For example, if you’re looking at a road bike, your anatomic data would recommend a 54/56/etc. to start your fit session. Within this fit module, you can adjust your saddle height/setback along with stem length/stem angle/spacer count to dial-in any stock bike.


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