Shimano's original STePS group from 2010

Shimano’s original STePS group from 2010

If you want proof that the e-bike market is picking up steam, look no further than Shimano’s recent announcement to bring their STePS electronic group to Europe for 2014. Originally announced in 2010, the STePS (Shimano Total Electric Power System) disappeared until recently. The STePS group offers a complete, integrated e-group right down to the reinforced, Sil-Tec chain. Unlike some e-bike groups that have essentially a throttle, STePS is a pedelec system which offers pedaling assist up to 25km/h and then cuts out. Designed to be one of the lightest e-groups on the market, the system has a range of 80-120km from the 418Wh LiIon battery (High, normal, and eco modes).

Equipped with Shimano’s E-Tube wiring that is now used for Di2, the system is compatible with their Di2 internally geared hubs for further integration. The group is slated for European sales only with a pilot project run from February-August 2014 with Bike&Co and Zeg in Germany. Initial delivery to OEMs is scheduled for August 2014.

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Drive unit (DU-E6000) and front gear set (FC-E6000)

  • Operating Temp : -10℃~+50℃ Storage Temp : -20℃~+70℃
  • Nominal Voltage : 36V
  • Max Output : 500W
  • Nominal Output : 250W (EPAC EN15194)
  • Max Torque : 50Nm
  • IP Rating : >IPX6
  • Weight : < 3,100g (without Crank Arm , FC )
  • Front crank : 44T & 38T

Switch (SW-E6000)

  • Switch for assist mode (High / Normal / ECO / Off)
  • Switch for cycle computer contents

Cycle computer (SC-E6000)

  • Operated by switch
  • Easy to read
  • Sensors : Torque / Cadence / Crank Position / Speed

Battery (BT-E6000)

  • Capacity : 418Wh (36V, 11.6Ah)
  • Charging time : 4hours
  • 2 Battery positions : Rear carrier type & Down tube type
  • Weight : 2,550g (Battery) : 420g (Holder)
  • Temperature : 0℃~+40℃ (Charging)  -10℃~+50℃ (Operating)
  • IP Rating : >IPX4
  • Battery life : *1000 cycles *After 1,000 cycles full charging still more than 250Wh=60% (Reference)

Chain (CN-E6070/CN-E6090)

  • Reinforced for E-bike use
  • More efficient and silent, less maintenance by SHIMANO “SIL-TEC”
  • Front single gear only


  1. jon on

    So… it cuts out at 25kph…how does it know I haven’t laced up a 36er wheel? Or, more usefully (since I don’t have a 36er bike), how does it know I’m lying when I say I’ve laced it to a 20″ wheel?

  2. Mirwin on

    @jon, I’d imagine it’d put even more strain on the unit if it had to turn the wheel on a 36er, ( more mass to get rolling) and basically burn the battery and eventually the motor out quicker, ultimately voiding the one year warranty.

  3. suede on

    I appreciate any technology that brings cycling to more people that may never have been interested. An E-bike today may be a trail buddy in the future.

  4. jon on

    OK, never mind the 25kph thing, hopefully it can be fooled into powering right through 40kph. More importantly, does the power go into the front wheel? If so, I just realised this will make my bike 2 wheel drive! That would be awesome. Can I fit it to my current bike? I can’t find any retrofitting requirements anywhere. Maybe a new fork? I could ride up anything with 250W extra going through the front wheel. How does it figure out how much power to supply? Is there a sensor in the crank? If so, is the STEPS crank like a cheap Stages crank?

  5. Fytze on

    As Mike pointed out: This is a 2010 picture you have posted. Are there any new press photos of the 2014 version? Will it remain a hub motor system, or did Shimano also switched to Crank motor due to the success of Bosch’s crankdrive?


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