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Just when you think Wolf Tooth Components had all the chainrings covered, they introduce another one like the new S-Works chain ring above. Designed for direct mount Specialized S-Works and Lightning crank sets, the rings replace the existing chain ring and spider. While having a 50mm chainline for compatibility, the rings also offer the WTC Drop-Stop tooth design which we’ve been testing here with great results. Available in  32 and 34t rings only at this point, Brendan says they may expand the offerings if the demand is high. Weight is 71g for the 32 and 80g for the 34, and both rings are available in black 7075 aluminum for $78.

Running BB30 and want a direct mount Drop-Stop Ring? Check out WTC’s new offering plus some new goods that aren’t chain rings after the break!


Using the design for their SRAM GXP direct mount chain rings above, WTC has created a new version for BB30 cranks with the right offset for the proper chainline. Production will start with 32 and 34t rings, but 28, 30, and 36 are soon to follow. Due to the fact that the rings have 5mm less dish than the GXP direct mount rings, the added benefit is their use on fatbikes with 190mm rear hubs. WTC did some testing with a Borealis Yampa, X9 fatbike crank, and super wide 4.5″+ tires on 100mm rims and found that the BB30 ring was needed for use of all the gears on the cassette without the chain rubbing on the tire.

bolts 4 Wolf Tooth Components WTC

bolts 6 Wolf Tooth Components WTC

If you’re not running a direct mount ring, you’re going to need chain ring bolts – especially for the direct mount 30t 104 BCD rings. If that’s the case, WTC has you covered with their new 7075-T6 aluminum chain ring bolts. Available in 6 or 10mm lengths, the 6mm bolts include nuts for standard 1x drive train conversions, while the 10mm size is meant for the previously mentioned 30T ring for use without nuts. Each size uses a 5mm hex for the bolt, and the corresponding nuts are tightened with a 6mm hex instead of the standard chain ring slot. Both sets of bolts are compatible with WTC or any other chainrings with standard mounting holes or M8 x 0.75 threading.


The 6mm bolt and nut sets are available in 4 packs for mountain bike cranks at $28 and 5 packs for road and CX cranks for $35. The 10mm bolts are sold in 4 packs without nuts for $17. Like all the other WTC products they are designed and manufactured in the US, and even include the bolt length laser etched on the head for easy identification. Bolts are available in red, blue, green, black, and silver with weights listed at 4-9g per set.

opener 3 (1) Wolf Tooth Components WTC

Wolf Tooth is even making a bottle opener, though this one’s more than just a one trick pony. In addition to releasing your favorite libation from its glass prison, the WTC bottle opener also has a built in slot for truing your disc rotors. The hole in the corner makes for easy keeping on your key chain, peg board, or d-ring and they’re made in the US from 7075-T6 aluminum.


Available in the same anodized colors as the chain ring bolts, the 32g openers will retail for $19.90. Want WTC gear but can’t find it at a shop? You can find everything on their site with free shipping for orders over $39.




  1. Oh thank God! They thought of another tool that could be integrated with a bottle opener! That’s the ONE thing my toolbox was missing that’s bottle opener compatible.

  2. Which mtn SRAM cranks require different spiders for GXP vs BB30? I have an X0 of each and the spiders are identical (except the laser that says ‘BB30’ or ‘GXP’).

    • @Ed, the spiders are indeed the same. It’s the offset of the ring that is different since BB30 cranks have a narrower Q-factor.

  3. Wolf! How about some 38/40/42 single rings for a cheap XX1 cassette conversion. Something similar to the General Lee cassette but just a single ring machined to fit perfectly without shims for Shimano/SRAM. I have the ebay steel ones, meh.

  4. @Zach – I don’t think Mtn BB30 has a narrower Q. It does give the option of giving more heel clearance for the same Q (which would mean a different spider to get the rings back to the correct place) but it doesn’t look like X0 has taken advantage of that. Are there SRAM mtn cranks that do require different spiders for GXP v BB30?

  5. @Ed
    The BB30 spider has 5mm less offset toward the frame (or Dish in the case of our ring) vs the GXP. If you use a GXP ring on a BB30 crankset it can work and will fit the spline, but there is often frame interference with rings larger than 32t and the chainline is off from optimal by about 1 cog (~5mm between cogs).


  6. @brendan

    i’m curious on this as i currently run an MRP on a BB30 1400 crank on my singlespeed and was looking at the same thing for a 1x setup.
    given this is on a 68mm frame with an FSA 386 BB – i don’t see how the offset is ever different? they both have the same width spindle, this is why the BB30 one needs the spacers when on a true BB30 frame.

  7. Another vote for >38t 1x rings. Strong/stupid/masher/ignorant climbers like myself are looking for alternatives to the cage au chain guide folles. CX’ers and commuters, too. Even the crusty, cynical, nothing-is-new-but-the-hype, fgfs-hater bicycle technician at my local shop, who I count as a close personal friend =), is interested in a 41t 1x ‘ring. My own mother asked for a larger ring so she could go a bit faster when she catches a tail-wind (she uses a 38t now), though she wouldn’t know a 1x chainring from a 10×10 board. My own mother!

  8. @Sstoz Tes – Wolf tooth told me they weren’t making 38t+ anytime soon as the demand isn’t there. Absolute Black said they have it in their plans (spiderless too), but they are getting some other stuff made first. Race face is the only one I could find in 38t+ and so far has been working fine, but alas no spiderless.

  9. Wolf Tooth is my favorite new made in the usa company.

    I will be placing my order, others need to support them, skip the taiwan/china made products regardless of price.

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