CILLOS 50 frontGamut USA made a name for themselves by producing chain guides that didn’t suck. Their products have always been attractive, light weight, and reliable, so we’re excited to hear they will be officially announcing a new line of mtb stems next year.

Details are nonexistent for now, but Gamut has a stacked team of sponsored riders. With some of the very best world cup downhill racers and enduro pros on board, we expect they’ll be offering several different lengths for their stem at very competitive weights.

Head past the break for more pictures and a sneak peek at the new DM stem…

CILLOS 50 rearThe color scheme pictured is not official yet. In addition to these protos, we have also seen some pictures of all black stems with gold hardware. The company currently produces bash rings in a myriad of colors (and even a star spangled banner theme), so let them know in the comments what you’re hoping for.

CILLOS DM frontLooking at the numbers listed on the rear of the stem, it appears that new Cillos Direct Mount will be adjustable from 45-55mm, in 5 mm increments.

No word on pricing, weight, or availability, but I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and say we’ll know more by Sea Otter. Stay tuned!


  1. Nicely designed, and Gamut stuff is always well made, but that off-white finish is awful – maybe it’s a bad pic, but with so much competition out there, those look destined for the bargain bin alongside those gold Easton Haven stems

  2. I love the raw-black color scheme. I hope they have this option when going to production. Matte titanium would also be a nice option. Beatifull design!

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