Introducing the new Cervelo S3. Sure, it was shown at both Eurobike and Interbike this year, but following Cervelo’s desire to not launch bikes until they are actually on the show room floor they have kept quiet until now. The new S3 follows suit with the recently introduced S2, boasting a bevy of trickle down technology originally designed for Cervelo’s flagship bikes. Utilizing the same frame as the lower cost S2, the S3 gets a boost in front end stiffness with their FK42 fork that offers a 16% increase for improved handling. Compared to the old S3, the new model gains a larger down tube for improved frame stiffness and aerodynamics, the rear end from the RCA for improved compliance and drivetrain stiffness, and a BBRight PF30 bottom bracket.

Pricing and builds after the break.


Equipped with Cervelo’s ICS (internal cable stops), the S3 can run mechanical, electronic, or hydraulic lines internally for a clean, aerodynamic set up. Like the S2, the S3 has a partial rear wheel cut out in the seat tube for improved aerodynamics and allows up to a 25mm tire. Just about everyone rides with bottles, so the frame’s tubes have been aerodynamically shaped to use the bottle cages as extensions of the airfoil designs.


Cervelo S3s will be offered in a frame set for $2300, or complete Ultegra and Ultegra Di2 builds at $4,000 and $5,200 respectively. Bikes and frames are available now at your local Cervelo dealer.


S3 Ultegra – $4,000

S3 Ultegra Spec


S3 Ultegra Di2 – $5,200

S3 Di2 Spec




  1. Stew on

    Thing is sick…..I’m bailing on Red Satan S and going to get one of these things…..Cervelo continues to make all the right moves.

  2. Robo on

    Seen way too many of these things fall apart to ever put money down on one. Top tube crack, anyone? Heh, Stew, what are you on now? you’re gonna be disappointed…

  3. wolfman on

    Ah… for us UK based customers the Cervelo experience isn’t so great. 7 months later I am still waiting for my S2 frame to be returned to me after a warranty issue with the water bottle rivet threads… thats 10 000 kms of ride time to me. Not really acceptable I think we can safely say.

  4. matt1025 on

    I’ve ridden and S2 since 2009 for road and Tri. Never an issue with it. I’ve been pleased with my dealer’s service as well. Years ago they had issues with R3 bottom brackets and cracking. Not the case anymore since they modified BB. Paint work is not Colnago quality but hey what is. Just my $0.02…..


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