Curious how you go about making a road bike capable of the incredible stunts pulled in Road Bike Party 2? Global Cycling Network just posted the ‘Making of’ video where Martyn’s mechanic builds up a stock Colnago C59 disc with just a few custom touches to make it trials worthy.

Haven’t seen Road Bike Party 2 yet? Where have you been!? Check it out, plus images of the C59 after the break.

I’ve watched that quite a few times now, and am still blown away.

Martyn_Ashton_Wheelchair copy

Equally amazing and inspiring is Martyn’s positive attitude even after spending over 100 days in the hospital after falling from about 10 feet during his Animal WD40 Action Sports Tour demo at the Silverston Moto Gp Race, and consequently damaging his spine with a dislocated T9 and T10 vertebrae. The accident meant a setback to finishing Road Bike Party 2, until Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill stepped up to help finish the film. The result is history.


hope-brake-LR Hub-Brake

The disc equipped C59 was fitted with custom Hope Trial Zone hydraulic disc brakes, which are essentially mountain bike levers custom machined to fit on a drop bar. Shifting duties are taken care of by way of Dura Ace Di2 Satellite shifters mounted to the tops of the bars. Otherwise, the build of the bike is with fairly stock components. For more on the build of the bike, check out


  1. I’m still not sure why they didn’t just run an integrated hydraulic brake system, like Shimano or Formula/Campagnolo’s offerings.

  2. That kind of videos should have a warning at start “Dont try this if dont want to end up like this!” Or you have to use some protections. Its just a matter of time before you will get hurt if you push your limits too hard.

  3. And we all thought you need a jump bike for this and a trials bike for that, just goes to show, talent rules. Its hard to watch this while knowing Martyn’s situation. Road Party 2 must be about the best bike film ever made, stunning. Thinking of you Martyn. Get well soon man.

  4. Road Party 2 has to go down in history as one of the most amazing films made, whilst showing the amazing natural talent of Martyn Ashton. Its difficult to separate the fact that Martyn is watching it from a wheelchair. We all wish him well. Stunning demonstration of real skill. And we all thought Danny was the best…

  5. Let’s not forget that Martyn is not the only rider in the film. he only does the 1st bit. The Railroad tracks and downhill frontwheel wheelie “thing” Are Danny Macaskill. The Middle section is Chris Akrigg.

  6. 20″,24″, 26″, 29″ or 700c, tight or baggy, fat or skinny rubber, on or off road it is all bloody good fun. Now get out and ride !

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