None More Black Verhuaen

While everything else is coming up pink and red for Valentine’s day, Vassago is going black. All black. Indulge your inner badass this V-day with an extremely limited blacked out Verhauen frame. One of my favorite 29″ steel hard tails that I have ridden, this Verhauen is a little different in that it is Single Speed Only. Yup, no cable stops, no derailleur hanger, just black and one f-ing speed. The made in the US steel frame is finished with a satin black powder coat and black single speed adjustable dropouts.

But wait, there’s more! Included in the $949 price tag is a black Cane Creek 40 headset, a black “effin cool” headset cap, and a black Vassago shirt, socks, and beanie to go along with it. The offer is extremely limited, so if you think black is always the new black hurry and email to get yours on order.


  1. If their copper IPA wasn’t so beautiful, I would jump on this. Alert me for the NONE MORE DRUNK copper IPA SS w/Whisky9 edition.


    …in fact, break the frame—let’s do this belt.

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