Dream Room Security Keypad

In this man’s house, behind a sliding door that is activated by a security pin code, is the greatest cycling lair we’ve ever seen.

Slip past the break at your own risk…
Dream Bike Room Entrance

Once the correct pin is entered, the sliding door opens to reveal…

Dream Bike Room

This beautiful collection.

Dream Bike Room Campi Drawer

Filled with magazines, a collection of mint vintage parts, and frames.

Dream ROom Details

But wait wait, there’s so much more…

Dream Room Bikes

Cue the angels singing hallelujah.

Dream Room More bIkes

Another view.

Dream Room Spotlight

Just when you think this man’s life couldn’t get any better, you realize there’s even more to the collection.

Dream Room Frames

There are some tremendously nice bikes in this collection.

More Bikes

See anything you like?

Via Campagnolo Delta Brakes


  1. Pete on

    @ Pedals
    With the scratch this must have cost, I’m betting the guy has either A) a totally separate work station that is equally impressive, B) owns a shop where he does his work, or C) never rides because he’s working all the time to pay for this collection.

  2. DRC on

    Awesome room, but I personally think old bikes are boring. But then again, I’m sure the owner of all those is a bit older than I.

  3. kevin on

    Why even bother displaying a beautiful frame if you’re going to turn the fork around the wrong way? It’s like a supermodel with her head on backwards. Just wrong.

    Measure twice, cut once, maybe then your frames will fit in their display areas.

  4. Trey Richardson on

    I was waiting for someone to comment on the “backwards” fork. Kevin, that is actually what is called a stayer bike. The fork is like that so that a rider can get closer to the motorcycle its pacing behind. They’re not well known outside the velodrome but due to how close they follow behind the motorcycle, there is a roller on the back of the motorcycle for the stayer’s front wheel to spin incase contact is made.

  5. chris on

    Look, a steel road bike, and a classic steel road bike, and another road bike…. yawwwwn. Nice to see those dinosaurs in a beautiful museum though.

  6. Ryan on

    Always nice to see how fellow cyclists celebrate their passion for this pastime of ours. Hats off! Maybe BR can start up a ‘Cribs’ series for our enjoyment?

  7. satisFACTORYrider on

    I’m with jack luke. unused sleds are sad enough but to have that many…no thanks. ain’t hatin just statin’. what he better have is an even better workbench/area.
    dig the bruce lee figurines, though.

  8. Psi Squared on

    Amazing. If it were me, however, I’d have a giant metal door that slides open–once the security code is entered–to reveal a massive room with bikes, a repair station, a gigundo TV for indoor trainer sessions, several beers on tap at the bar, and cardboard cutouts of Victoria Pendleton everywhere.

  9. Q on

    Totally sweet if your into that. I like the hardwood floors. But this seems like a hipsters dream garage. No mountain bikes? That white rigid fixie doesn’t count. Again, totally sweet if this is your steez, but I’d like to see a mountain bikers dream garage. How about it??

  10. scott on

    @jackluke and @satisFACTORYrider

    This is great. Here is a person keeping a cache of history, and not letting fixie riders destroy it.

    Also note the vinyl Smurfs from Germany, vinyl Bruce Lee figurines, and die-cut Iron Man. Obviously this person is a collector. Think of it the same way as you would a records keeper or a historian. Plenty of bikes from the makers and eras represented have died on the road or rusted away. Thank goodness someone put a few away.

  11. satisFACTORYrider on

    @scott- i love museums. just not in my house. air up and ride em all. all the time! not knockin the collection or the collector. i did give props for bruce

  12. goridebikes on

    All those bikes, and not a single one newer than 10 years old in terms of technology. Kind of a let-down for all the hype of a key code. Also, lack of mountain bikes saddens me.

    But that’s just me…

  13. Pete on


    Forks are turned that way to stop them toppling forward., and it allows them to be moved around pretty simply.

    If you look at the blog, the guy is a surgeon who does volunteer reconstructive surgery for people in India with deformaties. I don’t have much issue if they don’t get ridden because he doesn’t have the time…

  14. hamilton on

    you could give them out to 40 teenage kids, without the money to buy their own road worthy bike, that would be cool. this is just boring. look at all those things meant to be fast, stapled to a wall, lined up in rows of potential energy just waiting for entropy to turn this room into something amazing. this is my aunt’s couch under uncomfortable plastic, but it’s clean.

  15. Krischan on

    Beautiful collection! For those commenting that there are not enough mtb’s I guess that was not the owner’s passion… for those that want to see a sectre cellar full of collectable MTB’s visit this secret sellar somewhere in Switzerland:

  16. Trey R on

    The forks are not backwards….. those are “Stayer” frames. (designed to motor pace VERY closely behind a motorcycle on the velodrome). And if a few people here and there didn’t “preserve” things from our past, history would be lost and we would have little to go on regarding how far we’ve come. Kudos to them for not just piling them up in their basement where they couldn’t be appreciated.

  17. CornerCanyonRider on

    @Trey R
    Umm, no they’re not. You can see the “MASI” lettering on one of the fork legs and it is facing the rear of the frame. Had the fork been designed to be used in this orientation, “MASI” lettering would be facing toward the front of the frame. Just a thought.

  18. Justin on

    Not really into the whole “I-collect-bikes-that-I-don’t-ride” mentality (and probably ride no where near as good as some modern bikes). Whatever floats your boat.

  19. Trey Richardson on

    @ CornerCanyonRider…. You’re right! Not to mention the fork is made for a standard size wheel, (vs a 24″). Good catch! My oversight.

  20. DaleC on

    BikeRumor – where nothing anyone does is beyond criticism. Ever.

    I could hand out free hotdogs and $100 bills to some of these people and they would bitch about there being no mustard. If not that, tell me I used the wrong franks or buns.

    I think the room is cool and I bet the dude really enjoys it. I think that is the point of bikes. Of course, I bet I’m “wrong”.

  21. Rowan on

    Would be better if the bikes were actually ridden, i.e. they had a little mud on them. Only mountain bike is an old looking ridged SS.

  22. DaleC on

    The bikes are clean, so he must not ride. No one would take the time to clean them before photographing everything, right?

    The more modern, rideable bikes are closest to the door. That must be a coincidence, because this guy doesn’t ride.

  23. reverend dick on

    @DaleC you are speaking the truth. So much fussing.

    Those bikes are what this guy is into. Appreciate or don’t, but there’s nothing wrong about it. It’s his garage of rad bikes.

    I do hope he rides all the built ones…

  24. Sardinian rider on

    Am I supposed to be impressed but all that bunch of Rapha like snobbish frames ? Do this guy know carbon fiber is used to make bikes nowdays ? Gimme a break man,the world is moving forward…

  25. PaulM on

    That is pretty cool.

    However, got to disagree with the Stayer comments. No way are they all Stayer bikes, the forks are on backwards to fit them on the shelf!

    Oh, and there is a mountain bike. First couple of pics, there’s a rigid On One Inbred singlespeed.

  26. stampers on

    Where are the mtb’s?!? One mtb vs. a plethora of road rides…albeit sweet road rides…

    This dude needs to find balance in his cycling life. Perhaps he has a second panic room for his mtb’s?

  27. MeroMasta on

    @DaleC & @reverend dick: spot on

    The room is awesome and the collections is super nice. One day I’ll have my own room and I’ll make sure to share with BR so everyone can pan it. 😛

  28. Dave B on

    Why are so many so negative? This isn’t a room of bikes this person is currently riding, it is a collection of impressive older models. Historically important, and probably has some real serious investment / collector values. It is great that there are private individuals spending their own money to keep history alive. Yea, modern technology is excellent, but it wouldn’t be where it is, without the bikes and gruppos featured in this guys room. You could go through this collection and see the evolution of the modern bike.

  29. Seraph on

    Nice setup as a display room/museum, but my bike room would have far more tools and work stands, plus a TV or two, a nice sound system, and a refrigerator.

  30. pimpbot on

    Where do you work on bikes? Not a lot of open floor space. Also, a true pro shop would have a work stand bolted directly to the floor.

    Swanks shop, tho!

  31. Blundar on

    Just 1 white rigid frame single speed Mountain bike?! …and not one of the bike have any tiny bit of dirt on them at all, so he does not use them. It reminds me of car collectors that have millions of dollars worth of cars that are never driven. I would rather ride the hell out of a couple of nice bikes, instead of spending a ton of money building a shrine or museum for him to worship these bikes.

  32. oldfart on

    I conclude from the comments given that:

    – people who store their bikes in a clean condition don’t ride them – this will be news to Erik Zabel and a couple of other top riders who will clean their bike after a rainy ride before they even think about taking a shower themselves

    – with the advent of CFK frames all other bikes became useless – newer is better, 1000 PR people can’t be wrong

    – life is worthless if you have road bikes but no MITB

    thanks for clearing that up for me, folks.

  33. Kris on

    Praise be! Dave B and all the other positive posters here. All you other haters assuming things and telling us what you would do….bore off

  34. Stevil on

    Could use more trap doors and stereos, and tools, and beer vending machines, and firemen’s poles, and BB guns, and sandwich making stations, and comfortable chairs, and exits to water slides, but it’s pretty sweet.

  35. Jesse Edwards on

    The emptbyness of that collection is curious to me. I commute, and ride dirt. Sure, it would be cool to have one road bike, but I don’t see why you’d ever have so many similar tools for one job.


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