Time Pedals new MX (2)

Over the years, Time has gained a lot of followers for their pedals thanks to the buttery float and ATAC springs. Like all things solid competition from other pedal makers is keeping them on their toes and updating products like the new MX line of trail pedals. Much smaller than the X-Roc, but bigger than the standard ATAC, the MX continues to look like the perfect pedal for Time fans who want a little more platform under their shoes.

Actual weights after the jump.

Time Pedals new MX (6)

New pedals will be displayed in premium packaging and adhere to the new 2-12 naming system where 12 is the highest level of pedal and 2 is entry level. The MX line will be offered in a 12 with a Ti spindle and carbon body, the 8 with a steel spindle and carbon body, and the 6 with a steel spindle and poly body as well as a 4 and 2 (not shown).

Time Pedals new MX (3) Time Pedals new MX (5) Time Pedals new MX (4)

The new designs weigh in at 160g for the 12, 185g for the 8, and 193g for the 6.



  1. slyfink on

    great, now that they’ve announced them, they need to get these to distributors asap… I have the old MX (with the bigger cage) on my DH bike, and my old ROCs on my trail bike died. These look like worthy replacements for the ROCs. Oddly, the new XCs are too short (flat?). My Bontrager RL shoes don’t quite touch the pedal body, which makes for a very loose disconnected ride when going downhill. it totally freaked me out and they were sold within two rides… so Time, please get these to your vendors. merci.

  2. Drew on

    These are the greatest pedals in existence, but did they really have to make them in white? Luckily they are nearly bombproof, so I probably won’t need another pair for the better part of a decade.

  3. Joe on

    TIME pedals are the best MTB option on the planet. Their durability and performance is beyond impeccable throughout their line-up. Their only downside is initial financial barrier to entry, but once you’re there then you’ll have a pair of pedals that will outlast you.

  4. K11 on

    if weight weenies can see past what “they” feel is too heavy a pedal, they would realize that any model time mountain clipless pedal is superior in performance and durability. just my opinion.

  5. Carbonfodder on

    OK – I am a weight weenie, and do love the Time pedals on the road, but have never seen a reason to jump from Shimano clipless on MTB. I did go all out wacky and get the XT trail pedals on my latest bike (which harmed my weight weenie soul, but holy frijole are they worth the weight)… What makes the Time MTB pedals so much better? Honestly – I don’t know and would appreciate real feedback. Thanks in advance.

  6. KJR on

    @Donch15: Mavic aren’t being too shy about the fact that their previous pedals weren’t very popular, and they have gone ahead and licensed Time’s pedals and put their considerable distribution power behind them. If you look at Mavic’s current pedal line up, from road to MTB they are all Time’s.

    @Carbonfodder: Depends on how you ride I guess, but I prefer Time because of the amount I can move my foot around on the pedals. With 6mm of lateral movement, plus 30 degrees of float (13 one way, 17 the other), I can move my foot around as if I’m on flat pedals, but with the security of not having my feet come off in rough stuff. I tried SPDs, and I felt locked in place. I put so much body English into my riding that I was constantly unclipping on the SPDs, but not so on the Times. It’s not that they’re “better”, just different.

  7. K11 on

    @carbonfodder – KLR is on the right track, i would add that the higher end time mtn pedals with the tension adjustment are my preference because you can dial in the engagement and release with also influences the stiffness of the float. Also from my experience that no matter how much abuse i throw their way they seem to not show it or does not influence performance in any way. And the one last thing is if you ride in muddy crappy hell-like conditions the way they engage and release and the positive click makes their pedals far superior in my option compared to various other higher end pedals i have owned. hope this helps. get some feed back from your LBS also.

  8. Carbonfodder on

    Thanks KJR and K11 – It is interesting to read “objective” reviews rather than the dogma/bigot/zealot “Just because I like it” angle. I think it would be worth trying out a pair of these on my fatty as I really like the idea of “feels like a platform, but is not going to release”… I kind of get that on my XT trails, but they don’t have anywhere near the 13/17 you mention. Always interested in trying out new toys!



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