Foes Custom Wheelchair with SuspensionDuring the first half of our factory tour of Foes Racing we showed you how the frames were constructed, so now we can a take a look at some of the other interesting projects nestled throughout the factory.

To give you some background, before Brent began building bicycles, he fabricated off road race trucks. So in addition to being a tremendously talented bike builder, he’s incredibly handy with a welder.

This experience is often sought after by members of the local community, and with the Foes Factory located so close to both Hollywood and a prestigious art school, there are always new projects on the horizon.

Foes Custom Wheelchair with Suspension and Disc BrakesWe didn’t catch the background story behind this wheelchair, but the independent rear suspension, and disc brakes speak volumes about it’s capabilities and possible applications.

Foes Racing Pit Bike Motorcycle(6)Pit bikes are a tremendous amount of fun and a few years ago they experienced a wave of popularity.

Foes Racing Pit Bike Motorcycle(5)

With an expansive machine shop and shock building facility, Foes was able to capitalize on the trend by creating numerous aftermarket parts. Foes Mini Moto Pit Bike details

In the mountain bike industry, we’re most familiar with Curnutt shocks through their associates with Foes bikes, but the Curnutt name gained it’s reputation in off road racing. When Brent approached Curnutt Sr to help him with his bicycle project, Charlie suggested that Foes partner with his son.

At the time, Charlie JR  was experimenting with pit bikes suspension, and felt the technology would translate well to mountain bikes.
Foes Racing HubThe pit bikes we saw at the shop were all sporting Curnutt forks. The inverted design required an over sized 30mm axle to achieve the desired stiffness, so for a time Foes also manufactured hubs.

Foes Racing Pit Bike Motorcycle(7)

This beast is not something Brent makes, but he was helping a friend out with the project that some of you might recognize this as a Motoped (we featured the Kickstarter campaign last year.) Essentially, it’s a 50cc pit bike that has been rebuilt onto an aftermarket frame, and finished off with mountain bike components.Foes-Mini-Mountain-Pit-Bike-Hydbrid-details

Foes Racing Pit Bike Motorcycle(4)

We didn’t ask if we could start the pit bike up, but we were really really tempted.
Foes Racing Pasadena Cruiser

Also lurking in one of the corners of the factory was a Pasadena Crown City Cruiser. The distinctly shaped top tube gives the frame away as Foes creation, but the commuter oriented nature of the bike is something you don’t naturally expect from this brand.

The bike was built for commuters looking for a high end American made option and several employees still use them to get around town and to work.
Foes Racing Hollywood Moving Carts

In addition to making an assortment of items for the movie industry, Brent also constructs these highly specialized mobile equipment carts for Inovativ.
Foes-Racing-Innovaction-Movie-CartsHighly adjustable, the carts easily fold up so they can be transported around the world to different film sets. This is an older design, but some of the newer models feature the latest and greatest in cart technology – and are actually pretty damn cool.20140202223309-URB-E-Trike2While visiting the factory, we spotted some unusual looking tube-sets, which we were later told are being used to construct a new project that Brent has a hand in.

The Urb-E electric commuter was designed by an Art professor at a local art college, who then reached out to Foes to help build the first prototypes. The project caught steam when it was heavily showcased by tech blogs at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and easily blew past it’s funding goals on IndieGogo. So in addition to high end aluminum mountain bikes, Foes Racing will also be manufacturing these electric scooters.

Special thanks to Brent, Daniel, and everyone else at Foe’s for the tour!


  1. Mudrush on

    Really like that Urb-e, great design. Rivals that of brompton. If its under the 1k mark it will be the best thing ever.

  2. NASH on

    “Same way Apple laptops are made” yeah like that is exactly what I expect to ride around on an oversize laptop.

  3. Antipodean_G on

    “Art professor at a local art college…” fug’s sake get it right. It was designed by an ‘Industrial Designer’ (world apart from ‘art professor’) who also graduated and lectures at Art Center, not a ‘local art college’ but one of the premiere design schools in the US and the world; if you drive a car, there’s a good chance the designer came from Art Center.

    It’s the little details that validate good writing/reporting.


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