Lezyne SV-11 Multitool (1)Whether you consider yourself a commuter, roadie, or mountain biker, there are a few things you should always carry on your bike. Exactly what those things are will vary from rider to rider, but most will agree that you need a patch kit, pump, small multitool, and a pair of lights.

Of those items, the only thing I use more often than my lights, is my multitool. From trailside repairs, to quick adjustments in the parking lot, my multi tool is frequently called into action. So not only must it be more useful than a pack of gum to Macgyver, but it must be capable of surviving anything and everything.

With that in mind, was the Lezyne SV-11 capable of meeting the challenge? 

Lezyne SV-11 Multitool (4)

The Lezyne SV-11 comes in on the scale at just over a hundred grams, which is a remarkably lower weight than it solid construction and many features would suggest. In order to achieve this strength to weight ratio, the company cold forges each stainless steel  bit, then machines a hole for the axle to slide through. This method produces a stronger and lighter tool than the conventional wrap around method used by many competitors.

For the SV-11, designers have squeezed in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex heads, T25 and T35 torx bits, a flat head, and a 9/10/11 speed chain breaker.

Lezyne SV-11 Multitool (2)The 2 and 2.5 hex head bits are bent at a 90 degree angle, which makes them easier to use when adjusting the reach on hydraulic brakes, and other hard to access areas.Lezyne-SV11-CaseThe compact tool also comes with a faux leather stretchy case to keep it from rattling in your bag or skewering you in the back. As an added bonus, the bag also keeps the tool relatively scratch free.

Lazyne SV11 Multitool

For your average road cyclist or commuter, this $46.99 tool has everything you need, but mountain bikers who have been known to exceed the radness rating of their wheel set should also carry a spoke wrench. There’s enough excess material on the chain breaker tool, that I wish they had squeezed on a spoke wrench, a la Crank Brother M17.

For quick repairs, the tool has performed everything demanded, and looks no worse for the wear after months of living at the bottom of my hydration pack. Each of the bits appears to be very high quality and we can’t complain about the weight or ergonomics. If you’re in the market for a multitool that packs in lots of features, and will last for years, the Lezyne SV-11 is well worth a look.



  1. I have helped 5 guys in the deep forest with the tool (especially the chain break) I electrical tape a Shimano pin and a sram master link to the outside of the frame of the tool) never harsh the flow!

  2. Love my Lezyne multi-tool, but pony up for the series that has the stainless tool bits (the SV or carbon series). Costs more, but the RAP and V- series tools have chrome vanadium tool bits that seem to always rust on me after about a year in the saddlebag.

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