Two years ago at the World Championship race in Leogang, Austria, an unfortunate mechanical cost Aaron Gwin the opportunity to clutch both the Overall and Championship titles. This year, another unfortunate mechanical in the same section of track cost the American his #1 plate.

While mechanicals may be keeping the two time overall champion off the podium, his performance at Leogang this year was nothing short of legendary. Without watching the race or other footage, you can’t really appreciate how incredible his run was, but even with a flat he was only ~40 seconds off the pace of the worlds fastest racers.

 Update: If the Youtube Link isn’t working, head here to watch it on the Redbull website.


  1. Stampers on

    UCI blocks the video…typical UCI…what a bunch of douches…a great video comes out and they block it…why? And they wonder why mtb’ers hate the UCI…

    As for Gwin…amazing run…

  2. Sam Zam on

    there was coverage on Sportsnet up here in Canadaof the race, my boys and I watched Gwin in amazement as he flew down the course…

  3. jimmy on

    Wow, not sure I’d have liked the thought that at any moment shards of broken rim could pierce my lower legs if the wheel came apart. Crazy good.


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