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It’s not a full fat bike rim (yet), but Stan’s rims are getting fatter with the introduction of their all new Hugo 29+. As tire sizes and uses continue to stratify, companies are left to decide to jump in or wait to see if it a certain standard sticks around. In the case of 29+, Stan’s has not only jumped in, but they have created one of the most advanced mid fat rims we’ve seen with typical Stan’s tubeless technology. Hugo might not have been a rim you were expecting, but it is a rim you will probably want.

In addition to the Hugo, we got some more details on the new Grail adventure road wheels including actual weights after the break…

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (19)

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (16) Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (13)

From the outside, the new Hugo rim looks almost impossibly thin thanks to the minimalistic profile. Once you see the cross section of the rim however, you realize that the strength is built into the aggressive box section in the middle.  The cutaway above is of an earlier extrusion but the final production will be similar. Designed for the easiest inflation, the box section not only adds strength to the rim but creates two drop channels for the tire bead to sit in, before being forced into the BST bead seat. The result is a tubeless 29+ rim that can be inflated and seated with a standard floor pump. Designed for a minimum tire size of 2.5″, the rim profile is interesting in that in the chance of an impact that would usually pinch flat, there are four surfaces for the tire to press against, which helps distribute the pressure. In theory, this should reduce the number of pinch flats at lower pressures.

Unlike many high end rims, Hugos are drilled for schraeder valves since they allow for better air volume when inflating, and thanks to the remote nature of the way many 29+ bikes are ridden, it would be easier to inflate at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Of course, if you get a flat, you can always run a presta tube with a reducer if need be. The rims are converted to tubeless with a single layer of 27mm wide Stan’s tape that only covers the center box section of the rim.

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (18) Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (17)


While Hugo will be first available in 29+, we’re told that 26+ and 27.5 + options are coming. The rims will have the same 52.3mm external and 49.9mm internal widths (12.1mm tall), just in smaller diameter. Drilled for 32 spokes, Hugo complete wheels will be built to Stan’s standard 3.30 hubs with Sapim Force spokes, and Secure Lock brass nipples. Due to the amount of hub options when it comes to fat/+ bikes, Stan’s will only offer one complete build along with rim only.

Complete wheels will be available with standard QR and 15mm thru axle, and QR, and 142×12 rear with 9/10/11 and XD cassette bodies. All three wheel sizes will retail for $695 per set. Rims will be sold for $145 a piece.

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (30)

On the scale, only a rear wheel was available but came in at 1140g. Claimed weights for the rims are 560, 585, and 630g and wheel sets at 1,960, 2,010, and 2,100g (26, 27.5, 29 respectively). Wheelsets will be available later this year, with rims available in a few weeks.

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (31)

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (26) Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (23)

Already spotted at the GT press camp, Stan’s new Grail wheel is designed to be the perfect mix of road and cross tubeless that was initiated by GT’s request. Originally, Stan’s offered the CX specific Iron Cross, and the road specific Alpha disc but each was really designed for a specific task. The Grail combines the wide foot print needed for running wider tires at lower pressures, as well as the ability to withstand the higher pressures of road tubeless, all in a light weight design shaped ideally for on and off road use.

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (22) Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (21)

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (20)

At 24mm wide externally and 20mm internally, and 24.5mm tall, the Grail offers a wider rim that still has thicker side walls and spoke bed needed for high pressure and lower spoke counts. You’ll notice the widest point on the Grail is in the middle of the rim which is due to the fact that for the first time Stan’s utilized the wind tunnel for the rim’s development. At the bottom above, the Grail on the left is compared to the Alpha and Iron Cross as comparison. While the Grail is designed for mixed use, Stan’s is so happy with its performance on the road that it will be replacing the Alpha Disc rim in the line up.

Also utilizing Stan’s BST tubeless tech, Grail rims will require 2 layers of 21mm yellow tape for road tubeless, and will hold a cross tire to 45psi and a road tire to 125psi.

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (29) Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (28)

Wheelsets will be sold in 2 levels, the Comp and the Team. Comp wheels will be a 32 spoke ft/rr design, using 3.30RD front and rear hubs laced with Stan’s custom Sapim Force spokes that start at 2.0 then taper to 1.7mm in the middle and then 1.8mm at the end. Like most of Stan’s wheels now, the Grails will include Sapim’s Secure Lock Alloy nipples which they have found to offer a superior connection to the rim. The Team level drops spoke count down to 24 ft/ 28 rr, and adds stainless bearings. Each wheelset includes QR and 15mm TA front end caps with 135mm QR rear, though 142×12 end caps will be an available upgrade.

At weigh in, the Team set of wheels came in at 750g for the front and 920g for the rear, or 1,670 for the set. Claimed weights for the Comp set is 1,720g, with rims at 460g.  Available in early august, Team wheelsets will retail for $695, Comps for $645, and rim only is $105. Rim only may be available as early as next week.


  1. J Train on

    I guess I’m not really surprised that Stan’s still has a death grip on BST, but I am disappointed they won’t just let it go and accept that hook beads really aren’t that necessary.

  2. zink on

    I don’t see any bead hook on that 50mm rim extrusion. Road tires using tubes at 100+ psi do need bead hooks. Google “Sheldon Brown Tire Bead Test”.

  3. Tubeless skeptic on

    By “not that necessary” do you mean “mostly reliable?” That’s like saying brakes that work below 32F aren’t that necessary.

  4. scentofreason on

    Nice write up (as usual), but I would request you include rider weight limits in all future wheels set posts. Why? The maximum rider weight for any of the Stan’s Iron Cross cross wheelsets is 190lbs. That leaves all the big guys out of luck. I’d be interested to know what the rider weight limit is on both versions of the Grail are. I know the American Classic ‘Hurricane’ wheelset seems to be almost identical to the Grail, but it has a 250lb rider weight limit and no limit on tire pressure (they say you can run whatever is printed on the tire, so about 150 max psi).

  5. mateo on

    @scentofreason – Fair point on the IC weight limits. The weight limits are much higher on the Alpha rims though.

    Alpha 340 limits 250/230/190 for the Comp/Team/Pro builds. The Alpha 400 is 250/250/210 for the same levels.

    The pressure limits are also much higher on the Alpha vs the IC.

    Side note: I don’t see it mentioned, but the Grail is DISC ONLY.

  6. J Train on

    @Zink I was primarily referring to their mountain rims. I think the hook bead on the Hugo rim would lessen the width they were hoping to achieve.

    @Tubeless skeptic By the “not that necessary” I mean not necessary at all (in mountain wheels, at least). Considering that Ibis, Roval, Enve, et al have decided that they aren’t necessary either, I feel pretty good about my statement. You attribute a tire staying on a rim to the hook bead because, in bicycle rims, they’ve always been there. Even though every other wheeled product currently in existence, including the fastest cars in the world, does very well without them. Really, it’s simply been the pressure forcing the bead against the side will all along–the hook bead has nothing to do with it. But I am skeptical of anyone who’s a tubeless skeptic!

  7. Andrew on

    @RC, I was thinking the same thing. Except you’d have to have old school 28 or 32 hole hubs on your cross bike, and are willing to never pump them over 50psi (for any kind of road use). That Hugo rim looks like another Stan’s home run.

  8. wheelz on

    @RC: the crests are not rated for high pressures (tubeless) so are more limited to just CX. Personally, I have been taking my bike on 140 mile+ ultra-distance rides were I might be on pavement for 60% of the time. It’s really nice to be able to pump the tires up to 80 psi for the road part and then go down to 45 or so the dirt. The Grail wheels are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  9. Evan on

    I’ve been using Stan’s 355 rims on a randonneur/gravel grinder road bike with discs for almost five years now. I usually run them at 60-80 psi with 32c road tires. Never had a problem with that kind of pressure.

  10. scentofreason on

    mateo, Good points on the Stan’s Alphas. But I am interested in disc only, 15mm up front, 142X12 in back wheels. Why? Cross bikes these days are almost as light as road bikes, so why have both? I’m getting a Norco Threshold (with 15mm/142×12) and anticipate it will replace my road bike. I see the American Classic Hurricanes being the ‘one’ wheelset I’ll need. Just put Slicks on for the road and cross tires for the dirt. Thus the non-disc alphas are not an option…

    FYI/OMG – please go watch the grail video on Stan’s website. Mid ride they inflate tires with a pump..mid ride, there is a pump magically in the woods. LMFAO

  11. Oded on

    The usage for such wheel is when someone has one bike for road rides and gravell/cx rides and than can use one set for both styles, othet wise go for pair of crest and make it tubless..


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