Judging by the number of Stealth Black carbon Nomads we’ve seen with a murdered out parts kit, all black is still in. To help make your next build even more sinister, Fox has introduced a Limited Edition color option for three of their most popular Float forks complete with stealth graphics and black anodized adjusters. While the Kashima Coat stands out with its stark gold contrast, everything else on the Stealth Series is black on black.

See which forks are included after the jump…

Offered only on the 2015 40 Float 26 Fit RC2, 34 Float 27.5 160 Fit CTD with Trail adjust, and 32 Float 29 100 Fit CTD with Trail adjust, the limited editions will sell for the same price as standard Factory models. Options are pretty standard for the 40 (1 1/8″ straight steerer) and 34 (1.5″ tapered steerer, 15QR), but the 32 29 will be sold in 9mm or 15QR dropouts and 1 1/8″ straight or 1.5″ tapered steerer tube.

2015-34-float-26275-160-fit-ctd-adj-s-main 2015-32-float-29-100-fit-ctd-adj-s-main 2015-40-float-fit-rc2-s-main


  1. Charlie Best on

    “Why wouldn’t they offer this on all their models? It’s just stickers!”

    and adjuster hardware, no more blue and red ano parts that clash with your paint.

  2. Eric.NM on

    Or, a much better alternative: all black Rock Shox forks w/ their new black stanchions (b/c the Kashima gold is a little too “Smokey and the Bandit” for me)…

    …oh, and because their forks are equal to or better than Fox. Not to mention that they have actual customer service. Ask any shop wrench, and they’ll tell you which fork company they’d rather deal with. And it’s not even close.

    Just my $0.02…

  3. groghunter on

    I’m really with Eric.NM here, I think these look dumb, but the rockshox look good, and I’m way happier with my Lyrik performance wise than I was with a 36.

  4. Chsad on

    CTD pretty much sucks. Thanks for dumbing down the product to three useless settings because a handful of people can’t set up a shock. Fox used to be the cats ass of suspension, to bad….

  5. Al Boneta on

    @Eric.NM I completely agree with everything you said,except for the Smokey and the Bandit comment. You can never be too Smokey and the Bandit.

    @Equine Master, following. I work in Newport Beach and I see Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, G-Wagons and every Merc under the sun painted matte black. When rich people adopt something you know it’s not cool anymore

  6. BubbRubb on

    Eric.NM is spot on. I had tons of issues with both product and customer service. The best was when I warrantied a 2 month old fork for a creaking crown, it took 4 weeks to get the fork back, and they cut the steerer 2.5″ too short!!! I’ve worked on and ridden on everything. No more Fox for me. Don’t believe the hype.

  7. AdventuresAnonymous on

    15-year shop/race wrench here. Would much, much rather deal with Fox than SRAM’s “customer support”. If it takes more than once (or twice) to get the correct part for a warranty, you’ve got a problem. And yes, the Pike feels awesome – as in it’s the first RockShox in a decade to feel good. Actually, it kind of feels like a Fox… that’s funny…

    Yes, Fox ’13 sucked. ’14 was better. ’15 is back to good so far.

    And hey, no such thing as too much Smokey and the Bandit. That brings up a great idea – we just need phoenix decals to match… 🙂

  8. Pichy on

    I’ve owned two Fox forks, one Float 130RL in 2005 or so, and one something like 2 months ago, a 32 Float Evo CTD 150 27,5″ that came stock in my current bike. The float from 9 years ago was soooooo progressive that was impossible to get all the travel, and the CTD one gave something like 120mm of travel, even with the air chamber deflated…

    Sold it and replaced with a pike rct3. Could’t be more happier.


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