Bkool is launching a new, global, 3D simulation training and competition service at Eurobike and we have a quick first look.

Their second generation trainer, which we reviewed earlier this summer, integrates with their subscription-based online service to match your pedaling resistance to a virtual course profile. To date, Bkool has only offered two dimensional virtual courses or video replay, similar to Computrainer and their RacerMate software, albeit without the latter’s analytic capabilities.

Bkool is now upping the virtual ante with their new 3D World software. Find out how you can race anyone, anywhere, on any route on the planet after the bump…

Bkool Home Trainer

The new 3D World application, according to Bkool:

This application allows cyclists to ride any route in the world in 3D. The truly groundbreaking innovation is that the 3D, rather than being recorded, is automatically generated as you pedal. 3D WORLD synchronizes with your Bkool trainer, letting users ride at home and experience the same sensations as when riding out on the road. The Bkool simulator lets up to 100 people located anywhere in the world ride at the same time, and the newest version is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and iPad operating systems.

We are definitely intrigued by the possibility of lining up against other riders around the world pretty much whenever we want (perhaps BikeRumor staff can start racing to see who gets the next press junket). Given the difficultly we have had simply passing the time on a trainer without waiting for a video to buffer or a game app to load, it will be interesting to see how Bkool is going to ensure that your connection stays up while streaming 3D data to you and 99 other people in the same competition.

Luckily, we are on the ground at Eurobike next week, and we will get you more details, and hopefully a virtual ride review.



  1. Tomi on

    This is so depressing. Go ride your bike outside. If your road bike is not up to the task during winter, this is a good reason to try other sports or to buy a fat bike.

  2. G3rg on

    Hold off on the depressing comment… as a parent of a small child there are times when I’m stuck at home while she sleeps. That’s the main time I use a trainer.

    I’ll happily ride in the wet if I’m allowed out of the house.

  3. AbelF on

    They could’ve at least put a hot lady butt up front. Liz hatch or Emily Batty. I wouldn’t mind staring at those hind quarters for any specified amount of time.

  4. Darryn on

    No Tacx trainers do not have this 3d function. Bkool generates as you ride, as in anywhere or anyroute you plug in. Tacx has 3d routes but you cannot ride anywhere or off in any direction and have the 3d generated around you.


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