Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (4)

Surly’s super versatile Troll just got even more capable. Fitted with S&S couplers, the CroMoly framed World Troller makes it even easier to travel the globe on a bike that’s built for anything. Built with clearance for a 24/36/48t triple and clearance for 26″ Dirt Wizard tires on Rabbit Hole rims the World Troller is ready for your next big adventure.

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Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (5)

Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (3)

Like other bikes in the Surly line with the S&S couplers, the World Troller can be broken down to fit into some sort of bag or suitcase for traveling.

Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (2)

The horizontal slotted dropouts with hanger are spaced at 135mm and are equipped for Rohloff hubs, fenders, racks, and even Surly Trailer mounts.

Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (7) Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (6)

Surly World Troller travel bike 26 (1)

Designed as a dirt tourer, the frame has clearance for the massive 26×2.75 Dirt Wizzard Tires on 50mm Rabbit Hole rims. The frame is equipped for both rim and disc brakes, runs a threaded 73mm bb, 1 1/8″ straight steerer, and has full length housing. Frames will be offered in XS (14″), up to XL (22″).



  1. James S on

    Hey Robert – I guess you’re not a Surly guy. The 1×1 is still around and is single speed only. The Troll has been out for several years and is a more versatile version of the 1×1. Not really updated, just more options (gears, for instance). I have a Troll as my commuter bike and it’s awesome. I like it more than the Karate Monkey it replaced. Both my mountain bikes are 29ers, but I prefer the better acceleration, nimbleness, and overall shorter length (I have to carry the bike up flights of stairs) of the smaller wheels for pavement.

  2. Rob on

    @mudrock, those do not look like canti studs to me. Looks like mounting points for panniers. Similar mount points visible elsewhere on the frame.

  3. dockboy on

    @mudrock, Rob: Those are canti studs, and they’re there because these bikes are built as do-it-all machines and are meant to be as accommodating as possible. I have some Magura HS 33s, should I not get to use them just because they’re old? Surly frames have always been “parts bike” canvasses, accepting basically whatever you want to throw at them. This is a continuation of that theme. It also lets the bike be built up to be less appealing for theft.

  4. troinine on

    That frame in the picture seems to be Surly Troll in white with Couplers, according to the clearance of the rear tire. Nothing wrong in that, the build just highlights how brilliant the Troll frame is!

    I did have a derailleur setup with 50mm rims and Dirt Wizards in my Troll before the current, more versatile, setup of Rohloff with 35mm rims.

    If there will be a proper 26er+ version of the Troll in the future, I would like to get a bit more tyre clearance to back to be more flexible with 26er+ tyre choices.


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