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For the ultimate weight weenies, an integrated seat and seat post is an easy way to lose some grams. However, you had better like the saddle position since the one piece design means you won’t be adjusting it any time soon. Controltech’s answer to the problem is their new Affilado seat/seat post design that doesn’t abandon adjustability.

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Weighing in at just 258g for the entire assembly, the Affilado retains adjustability through a system of spacers and slotted attachment points. The carbon saddle shell is able to be adjusted 25mm fore and aft, as well as +2/-2 degrees in angle by switching out the spacers between the shell and the rails.

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In addition to the seat post being shaped for compliance, the saddle shell is fairly flexible, but this may still be one of those “comfortable” saddles. Controltech is looking into a new model in the near future that would bring some padding into the equation. Currently offered only in 31.6mm and 350mm long, the seat post has a 23mm offset. Retail price is 500 Euro.

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The EXL line is their new mid level carbon line that features a nicely shaped carbon bar. Built with a 70mm compact reach, the bar features a 31.8mm diameter all the way to the drops, as well as swept back bar tops for improved ergonomics.

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We saw this in Taipei, but the MST line is their new Enduro line that is also marketed towards fatbikes. Their philosophy is that the wider 35mm clamp looks better in proportion to the bigger tires and tubes, as well as the bigger/heavier wheels benefiting from the improved stiffness. Available in both carbon and aluminum, the line includes flat and riser bars, stems from 50mm and a seat post.




  1. anonymous on

    A 95g carbon saddle costs $30.
    A 160g seatpost costs $60.

    For a grand total of 255g and $90.

    I don’t this this qualifies as an easy way to shed weight. This 3 bolt design doesn’t appear to be any lighter than conventional designs.

    At least it looks slick though.

  2. Ventruck on

    I’m pretty sure the 160g post only happens with cutting, at that price point.

    The ControlTech offering is pretty eye catching. The assembly hardware probably account for 10 or so grams. 500 euros is ridiculous though. The mentioned alternative is functionally better by miles.

  3. GrantT on

    @Frank look on aliexpress for 95g carbon saddles for $30 with free shipping. Look on for a 155g seatpost (27.2, 250mm) for $60.

  4. shafty on

    I just don’t get it. What’s wrong with a little bit of extra weight, so you can use the saddle that fits your a**? There are 2 rails on most saddles because that simple design choice adds so much stiffness to the attachment. Their design has so many excess contours, they really should have made the shaping more efficient.

    For maybe 350-450 euro, you can get some much lighter(30-50g!) setups through STARBIKE. Well respected brands, too.

  5. raskladnoy on

    i broke the 30$ 90g chinese saddle in 2 weeks with CX like jump-on-bike, and the edges of the saddle was too sharp to move around on rough stuff.
    but, i still like cheap chinese seatposts, had no problems with 2 of them.

  6. Controltech boy on

    Sincerely the fight for Chinese products don’t interest our factory. And if you compare affilado with Chinese saddle and seatpost probably you don’t understand nothing. This is the only saddle/seatpost integrated system ADJUSTABLE on the market. Also the design is UNIQUE! The production processes is the MOST ADVANCED IN CARBON TECHNOLOGY. The product is CEN tested and the design is patented. maybe try to compare the price of the saddle with top Fizik carbon saddle (around 350€) plus one high end seatpost (around 250€). The combined products price and weight will be more then our affilado…

  7. biker on

    For my personal idea the affilado is bot really expensive… (It depends if you are in search of high quality or you are a Chinese buyers) on my bike currently have fizik carbon saddle (350€) and fsa carbon seatpost (250€) totally 600€. 500€ for this really exclusive products is good…


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