VanDeyk VDX Rear

German builder Vandeyk has once again created a masterpiece of rolling art. The newest VDX is built in a partnership with Crema Cycles, and made out of a mix of Columbus Spirit and True Temper OX Platinum tubing. Paired with an ENVE fork, the VDX is the painted in the notable Vandeyk style, using high-grade liquid paints. They’re well known for creating absolutely stunning rides, such as the Machine for Riding and the Rapha Continental team bikes, that could hold their place in a museum.

But they’re are also meant to be ridden, with the VDX taking design input from former pro-crosser Ken Bloomer. If you’re not afraid to get something so pretty dirty, look past the break for pricing and more glamour shots…

Vandeyk VDX Side Profile

There’s a resurgence of high-end steel, beautifully painted to an heirloom quality, being combined with modern high-end components. The VDX has the option of using a standard 1 1/8″ head tube (shown), or a 44mm ID headtube in order to use a tapered ENVE CX Disc fork, since a frame option is to have either disc or cantilever brake mounts. Selling for a staggering $3,850 including the ENVE fork, the VDX is aimed truly at those that appreciate their bikes as form as well as function.

Vandeyk VDX Front and Rear

Traditional cantilever brakes offer a striking draw to the eye and make it unmistakable that this bike is for cross.

Vandeyk VDX Fork

Vandeyk’s signature graphics mirror on the cromoly frame and carbon fiber fork. The X is present throughout the bicycle, lending to the idea that the letter often stands for “cross”.

Vandeyk VDX Front Angle

Made to be ridden hard in the dirt and the mud, the beautiful machine is available in standard sizes from 49cm to 60cm, or custom sizing.


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