kodak pixpro sp360 action camera 360 degrees

In early 2013 it was announced that JK Imaging would be releasing new products licensed under the Kodak name. Since then there have been a number of digital cameras, smart lenses, and action cams released – though the new PixPro SP360 might be the most intriguing. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, differentiating yourself from the GoPro juggernaut can be a difficult thing. That is, unless you can film with a 360º filed of view.

That’s precisely what the SP360 offers along with an ultra-wide 214º degree mode as well. The Kodak cube has some interesting features, but is it enough to make a splash in a pool of action proof cameras?


panel-views-ring panel-views-panorama

panel-views-globe panel-views-dome

Thanks to the unique lens of the SP360, the 16mp MOS sensor provides a number of new image options. The camera can be set to record both a front and rear 180 degree view, as well as a 360 degree ring, 360 degree panorama, globe, or dome.

In video mode, those features make for some bizarre clips with the ability to see what’s behind you and what’s in front at the same time. Capable of recording up to 1080p at 30 fps (up to 120 fps at 480p), the camera uses Micro SD/SDHC cards up to 32gb to capture the action. The SP360 also includes wireless and NFC connectivity which allows you to control the camera with your Android or Apple smart phone through the free app.

The internal hardware will let you shoot in 10 FPS bursts, film time lapse videos, and even provides a motion detection mode which could be useful in a number of situations.

30-173-005-20 30-173-004-35


Water resistant with an IP5X rating , shock proof to 2 meters, dust proof, and freeze proof to -10 degrees C, the SP360 is pretty rugged on its own. However, the camera is sold through retailers like Newegg in the Aqua Pack or Explorer Pack with accessories tailored to those pursuits. The Aqua pack includes a full waterproof housing (no details on how deep it can go), while the Explorer pack includes a skeleton housing that isn’t waterproof but adds an extra layer of protection.

Shipped with a number of popular mounts, many of which use a ball and socket joint to allow for easy adjustment. Kodak SP360 Packs are currently selling for $349.



  1. kinda lame as is, but I could see this kind of setup becoming more popular if the oculus rift takes off. Someone will need a cheapish camera to shoot for that kind of setup.

  2. I could picture this being useful for those using cameras for safety reasons. This way you could get away with only one well placed camera vs one in the front and one in the back. Then again, you might look like a tool with one of these mounted on the top of your helmet.

  3. actually pretty cool. The ad is not about the music it’s about what the camera can do. I don’t think there are any cameras on the market short of purchasing a dslr that has that wide of image. It’s not for everyone

  4. Great proof of motorist behaviour for cyclists. Drivers will soon realise they need to share the road and stop bullying cyclists when they think now-one is watching.

  5. Looks like a great solution for incident recording.
    You can drive your own google car,
    and it doubles as a cubesat if you can get it into orbit.
    me want… Way to go Kodak!

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