Recently, SRAM announced their new direct mount chainrings that take advantage of their patented X-Sync tooth profile. The chainrings follow an industry trend of offering lighter chainrings with more size options that highlights the advantages of a 1x system. Due to the different bottom bracket and spindle lengths, figuring out which offset chainring you need for your next build might not be as easy as you would hope. To help ease the selection process, SRAM put together a chart outlining what rings are compatible with which cranks.

All that’s left is to bolt it on and pedal away…

Chainring compatibility chart

Chainring compatibility chart2

The 30, 32 and 34 tooth counts will all be available this month (December, 2014). All other sizes will follow in April 2015. Retail is $99 / €88 / £75.


  1. “All that’s left is to bolt it on and pedal away…” well, except for taking the crank off, then unbolting the chainring, install the chainring–check the torque on those adapter bolts, install the crank–check the torque on the arms-pedal through the gears, check the chain length–especially for the fully’s- go to the bike shop b/c you need that longer chain…ugh. Nah,just kidding..I like it.

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