clugWe missed the CLUG during their Kickstarter last June, but it didn’t seem to matter. The company crushed their $32,000 funding goal, and raised an impressive $107,947 CAD. That’s a lot of money for something so small – actually, what CLUG is calling the world’s smallest bike rack. Originally created with a 3D printer, CLUG is a simple clip that is mounted to the wall. Your bike’s tire then snaps into the clip, leaving your bike supported and your home or office space de-cluttered.

During the Kickstarter campaign you could pledge just $5 to get your own .stl file to print your own CLUG and the early bird supporters were sent 3D printed first run CLUGs while the actual CLUGs were being manufactured. Certainly an interesting use of 3D printing to bridge the gap between concept and production. Soon with three options to choose from, CLUG is looking like an intriguing storage solution for your home…

clugmounted clugspot2_full

Held to the wall with two screws, the packaging doubles as a template to drill the necessary holes. Once mounted, CLUG can store your bike upright vertically or horizontally depending on your space. Really, anywhere you can attach the clip, you can store a bike.

Roadie-White-Black_large Hybrid-White-Black_large MTB-White-Orange_large

Consisting of a “clipper and a gripper,” the hard outer shell houses a rubberized inner layer which won’t scratch your rims or damage your tires. Eventually, the CLUG will be available in three different sizes to fit road bikes (23 -32mm tires), hybrids (32-42mm tires), and even mountain bikes with 1.75 – 2.5″ tires (roughly). The Roadie and the Hybrid will be shipping in a few days (their website says within 4 days), while the MTB will be shipping later this year. CLUGs retail for $25 each which includes standard worldwide shipping, and are available in white or black (Roadie only) outer shells, and orange, green, blue, and black inner grippers.


  1. FastWayne on

    I can use one of those in my porch, My Yeti rest propped up against the wall and I have to be careful not to smug up the wall with the rear tire.

  2. Chris on

    I currently have 9 bikes hanging in my basement with 9 different tire sizes. They are all hanging from identical hooks. The idea of needing different clips or different tire sizes is dumb.

  3. Brian on

    I purchased 2 through the kickstarted campaign and they are really well made and are cool colors. I have the road version so I don’t know how the others perform but these are pretty solid. The only downside is that you need a separate clip size for various bikes vs. a hook that doesn’t matter for tire size. If you have several bikes with various tire sizes it might not be the best, but they are so small you could mount them next to each other.

  4. Brian on

    @Steven Dayton – I wouldn’t hang a tandem from it, but if you using one to “hold it up” it would work like in the picture above in the office. We just sold our tandem but I was always on the search for a good storage system for tandems. Never really found one!

  5. dingbat on


    For those of us living in urban environments, something like this would be awesome for finding creative ways to place the clip and maximize storage space in small apartments. I’m not just thinking walls and ceilings- would be good to attach to the sides of desks, bookcases, etc and minimize the risk of clothes catching on it like with traditional hooks when not in use.

  6. Henri on

    I have two of these and use them to hold my bikes against the wall vertically. Note the rear wheel needs to be on the ground. If the tire deflates it does indeed allow the bike to fall back when held vertically, which is not ideal.

    I solved this problem by placing a strip of Velcro to prevent the wheel from exiting even if the tire deflates. This way I can store the bike for a long period of time without worrying that it will fall.

  7. mitch on

    Wow, this is getting a lot of hate for a functional, minimalistic and relatively cheap product. Should this be your storage solution when not riding for 6 months? Probably not. For a daily communter though, this is awesome.
    *Also, your tire shouldn’t touch the wall, assuming you install this thing at the same height as your hub center.

  8. AlanM on

    @Chris, sorry that every product isn’t designed specifically for you. Christ, don’t like it, don’t buy it. Clearly it works great for a lot of other people though.

  9. EB on

    The Clug is a Thug robbing you. It doesn’t do anything that an $8.00 vinyl coated hook won’t do. The main difference is the hook doesn’t care what size your tire is or whether it’s supporting a road or mountain bike with or without air. One size fits all. IMHO, when hanging your bike vertically a properly placed vinyl hook in the ceiling will only have the front tire against the wall and will put less strain on the wheel. Again one size fits all…no Clugs for me…

  10. MaraudingWalrus on

    I backed early on the kickstarter, so I had the files to 3d print them. the one I 3d printed failed after three months of daily use in a shop. The production version is still kicking fine after almost the same amount of time. I attribute the failure of the 3d printed ones to my using a poor quality plastic, as they were definitely flimsier than the production version from Clug.


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