fatback with RAP and Thule

Just because you own a fat bike doesn’t mean you won’t want to attach a trailer to it. In fact, if you have one of the sweet ski kits for your trailer like the photo above, you will need to attach a trailer so your kid will have the raddest snow transportation on the mountain. Whatever your use, if you have a fat bike with a thru axle that needs a trailer attachment, The Robert Axle Project has you covered. First shown at Interbike, the axles are now available to fit a number of trailers and bikes…

Up close shot Fatback and hitch

Hitch Mount Axle BOB Trailer Axle

Whether you’re trying to attach a Bob trailer like the Felt E fat bike also shown at Interbike, or hitch mount trailers such as Thule, Chariot, or Burley, the RAP will do the job. Offered in 12×177 and 12×197 widths, axles are available with both the 1.5mm and 1.75mm thread pitch. Completely designed and manufactured in Bend, Oregon the 7075 aluminum axles are hard anodized and use stainless steel ends. Prices for the fat bike axles range from $63-69.



  1. Cory Benson on

    Oh, don’t tell my wife about these!
    Anytime I don’t want to pull the Chariot I just say I want to ride my full-suspension bike, and then the thru-axles gives me an excuse.

  2. Jo-slow on

    @ Ripnshread. I have the stock 2010 ski kit from Chariot’s. The skis are not waxable : the base simply won’t absorb the wax. The only thing that gives me a decent glide is liquid or rub-on fluoridated wax which does not last more then a hour or so.


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