Kyle Ward builds machines, Machine Bicycles in his case, in Gresham, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Before learning to build frames, Kyle first gained experience in Product Design in fields such as furniture, eyewear, construction of orthotic footbeds and CNC programming. These experiences, along with his formal education in design, architecture, welding and machining, including stints as a bicycle mechanic and Cat 1 racer, are how Machine Bicycles came to be…


Kyle’s NAHBS frame is manufactured from mostly True Temper tubing, barring the 1 1/4″ headtube, which he created himself using a die press. Chainstays and dropouts are manufactured from stainless steel. The chainstays are oversized at 1 inch, which help stiffen the rear end of the bike, and serve to provide ample surface to brand the bike.


Kyle eschews the typical method of frame branding, preferring a minimalist look



Kyle built the stem from 3/2.5 titanium, painted to match the frame’s colorway. Because the headtube measures 1 1/4″, a Chris King Devolution headset was used in the build. To quote Kyle, “I created the problem first, then solved it with the headset”, he said with a smile.


Subtle, but beautiful.


Keen eyed viewers will spot ENVE’s latest 4.5 wheels on the bike, and the new ENVE two bolt seatpost.


Because each Machine Bicycle Company frame is custom, pricing is determined by completing a no obligation order form on the company’s website. Each frame is offered with a lifetime warranty. Thanks to Kyle for supplying some of the photos in this article.


  1. Wait, wait, wait… no comments questioning how many frames this newb to NAHBS has built? No questioning who he’s selling to? His legitimacy as a bike builder?

    Stark contrast to comments regarding the BR Pedalino article… Difference between this, another newb-row NAHBS builder featured just below this article, and the Pedalino piece…?

    BTW, awesome build, Kyle, hope bike building works out for you!

  2. I LOOOVE Machine Cycles. Check out his website or instagram feed and you’ll find some of the most incredible paint jobs ever laid on steel. Didn’t realize he was at NAHBS this year. Thanks for the write-up!

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