JET Roll just enough tools tool wrap saddle bag (2)

When it comes to tool wraps, the concept isn’t exactly a new one. Mechanics have been rolling up their tools in cloth for years and the idea has gotten quite popular with cyclists as well. Wanting to create a modern version of the classic tool wrap for cyclists, Just Enough Tools felt that most that were currently available were also too big. What do you expect with a name like Just Enough Tools?

The answer then was the JET Roll, a tool wrap designed for the bare essentials – a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, and small multi tool. The JET Roll keeps everything wrapped up in a neat, stylish, and hand made package without rattling or the ability to fall off your bike. Now available in the JET Roll II and the JET Roll MTB, there is an option for nearly any rider…

JET Roll just enough tools tool wrap saddle bag (2)

One of the big advantages to a tool roll compared to just throwing the individual tools in a jersey pocket is that the bundle is always ready to go. As long as you haven’t used the tube or patches, you’re grabbing just one item as you walk out the door for your ride instead of multiple. Each JET Roll includes a classic leather toe strap (synthetic for MTB) that allows the roll to be strapped onto the back of your saddle. In order to guarantee the roll won’t slip out of the strap, the leather is slipped through the reinforced slot in the wrap itself ensuring it stays in place. The compact size of the wrap improves over the saggy profile of most saddle bags, and is able to be pulled tight.

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If you’re not keen on strapping something to your saddle, the JET Roll II adds a simple button closure that allows it to be carried easily in a jersey pocket as well.

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Because of the desire to keep everything tightly wrapped, the original JET Rolls will not accommodate a mountain bike sized tube. That’s where the JET Roll MTB comes in with a larger tube pocket, and an additional tool storage divider. The MTB is also recommended for touring or cyclocross/gravel bikes that use larger tubes than a standard road bike. Available in black with green or orange highlights, the MTB is specifically designed for use in wet or muddy conditions including the synthetic toe strap.

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Hand made in the USA, JET Roll wraps are available in a number of different colors with black or white toe straps. Depending on the color and the model, prices range from $30-40. Sizing for the road models is listed at 10×5″ and 24-26g in weight with an additional 26g strap.



  1. I have been super pumped to try a tool roll to strap under my seat. The velcro strap on normal tool bags rub my shorts, and the edges of the bag hit the bag of my legs. I finally got one similar to this, by Timbuk2 (Toolshed). Turns out it hit my legs even worse than a typical seat pack, and it didn’t hold together as nice as the photos showed. Still, I love this idea. Wish it worked better for me.

  2. JET Roll was created by a cyclist who wanted to carry just the essential items to fix a flat or make a quick adjustment while out on the road or trail. The idea was to create a modern version of the classic cyclists tool roll, make it just the right size, and have it be securely fastened to the saddle rails without the risk of it slipping out through the strap. Jet Roll was designed to be a convenient and stylish way to carry a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, and a small multi-tool. Everything inside is wrapped nice and tight and held in place with a classic leather toe strap so the contents won’t rattle around.

    Simple, functional, durable, and stylish.





  3. I bough a jet roll for my Colnago last summer and not only does it look amazing on the bike!!! it’s also incredibly strong! completely waterproof! and totally stain resistant! and the best part (besides how cool it looks on the bike) is that I don’t even realize it’s there since everything is so tightly secured and notting rattles around!!!! (I HATE THAT NIOSE!!) As I mentioned I’ve had mine on my bike since last summer and rode with it this whole winter!! and in crappy weather as well, and it still looks as good as the day I bought it!! AND MINE IS A WHITE ONE!!!!!!!!!!! The craftsmanship is second to none!! It’s by far the best basic bike tool bag I have owned and just bought a few more to put on all my bikes!!! Plus they are GREAT GIFT IDEAS for cycling friends!!! I got one for a buddy of mine that lives in Florida and he absolutely loves it!!!! DEF BUY ONE!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!! WHO WANTS TO PUT ONE MADE OF AN OLD INNER TUBE ON THEIR BIKE AND MAKE THE BIKE LOOK LIKE JUNK????? LOL One of the most ridicules things I’ve ever head… For $30 bucks or so you can make your bike look GREAT!!!!!!!

  4. I like the idea, and want to get one, but the price jumps up $10 on the checkout page from what is displayed on the shopping page for no reason that I can see. Seems a bit shady.

  5. I redact my previous statement. I contacted the company and they were in the middle of changing some prices.

    I ordered two and didn’t know they had a promo going on and they refunded the promo discount without asking, so at least customer service-wise they’re a-ok with me.

    Hopefully the product lives up to that!

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