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Want to make that dropper post you’re running even better? If it happens to be a RockShox Reverb, you might want to check out the newest product from Novyparts. Likely a relative unknown here in the U.S., Novyparts is a one man operation out of France that normally focuses on suspension tuning. Using his experience of hydraulic components and manufacturing from suspension work, Maxime Bouchez sent over some photos of his latest project – an afermarket remote for a RockShox Reverb seat post.

Geared towards bikes that aren’t running a front shifter, the Novyparts lever should result in an uplifting user experience…

Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control (6)

Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control (7) Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control (5)

Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control (4) Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control (3)

Compared to the plunger style remote that RockShox includes with the Reverb, the Novyparts remote is substantially different. Using a horizontal lever that is positioned under the bar with the Matchmaker clamp, the positioning should make it easier to access especially when bouncing down the trail. According to Maxime, the lever is twice as easy to actuate as the RockShox Lever.

Weighing in at less than 10g more than the standard remote, the Novyparts unit keeps the adjustable speed dial and supposedly can be installed in just two minutes using the standard Reverb bleed tools. Completely made in France from CNC machined aluminum with hard anodizing and laser engraving, pricing is set at $149 or 119€ internationally. Expected to be available May 1st in Europe and May 15 in the U.S., Maxime will be on hand at Sea Otter to show off the lever and to look for distributors for the U.S. and other countries.



  1. wako29 on

    I’m kind of bummed about the price, but I want this in my life. Is there a US distributor yet or direct only?

  2. pfs on

    I’ve always found that flipping the right hand remote upside down and putting it on the left side worked the best. You can barely see it and its the perfect position and you can use it as the brake clamp. This thing is huge, I do not see a benefit.

  3. Drew Diller on

    What I didn’t like about the Reverb plunger remote was it would sometimes stick when pushed in a panic at an angle.

    I’m not thrilled on the price either, but it looks like an improvement over the stock shifter.

  4. Timquila on

    The best remote activator I have used is the X-Fusion Hilo set-up. It’s remote is a gimbaled actuated cable, just nudge it any which-a-way with a knuckle and up or down you go, simple, efficient and positive action and none of your fingers or hand ever leave their stations.

  5. lroy on

    The price on this is pretty high. That will put people off. If it was $49 then it would probably be cheap enough for people to try. Me, I’ll stick to my reverb flipped upside down that works awesome and haven’t really found a remote I like better.

  6. Ploutre on

    @Bas using the adapter from Problem Solvers (the mismatch thing), you can mount it on a Shimano i-spec lever. Or any SRAM clamp, the example here is with the Matchmaker from SRAM, but you can put it on any shifter clamp from SRAM.

    As for a distributor, there will probably be more info at the Sea Otter in a few days.

  7. lroy on


    The X-Fusion remote has to be one of the worst, the gimbaled design causes lots of play and is just fiddly. There is no positive action whether you actually made the post go up or down.

  8. Ferret on

    I think Maxime is too conservative, the lever look to me to be at least 2.3592 times as easy to actuate as the RockShox Lever.

  9. Derek on

    This seems like a cool product although the price is too high (but understandable for such a low volume product). Right now, I just use the right-hand lever on the underside of the bar on the left side. It ends up being too far from my thumb if I use it as the brake lever clamp so I have to use it with its own clamp outboard of my brake. It looks like this product addresses that by putting the lever much further outboard of the clamp.

  10. Champanana on

    am I the only one worried about the knife edge it has. Will slice your knee up in a crash!! Similar to the original Tompson lever.
    Make it round and machine out the volume!!

  11. phil on

    Take your standard right-hand RS Reverb remote, run it upside down on the left side of your bars. It works wonderfully.

  12. jimdandy on

    Did anyone notice the ridiculous price?

    For that price it should be carbon. Or at the very least, machined so that it isn’t so blocky.

    Its like they got a design figured out and said, “screw it, lets go to (way overpriced) production and not give a t*rd about aesthetics.”


  13. Prosto on

    But Reverb remote can break off easily, both in up or upside down positions. Break off mine once – it was placed upside down. Not to mention awful ergonomics of the button.
    This thing may allow me to buy Reverb again, because it was very nice in action.

  14. johnny on

    The stock remote is a simple freaking plunger – a tube, a sleeve, an oring, and a clamp for a list price of $110. If you complaining about price, you clearly haven’t had to buy a new reverb remote. To get all that machine work for a $30 over stock is a steal…

  15. Max on

    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    @groghunter : the lever paddle will be better, like a Sram or Shimano shifter.
    It was a prototype to verify how it work and the final lever was being machined.
    Handmade carefully in France and in few days in Canada. Maybe in USA if it’s possible 😉
    Marc @ Prestige Mtb is one of my distributor for sure. But i’m looking for other distributor on west coast, Canada, and other countries.

  16. k on

    my reverb works amazing and i like the button.

    ks lev is great until it breaks, then you’re SOL. been waiting 2 months for a customers warranty post to return. ZERO support.

  17. Mikelo on

    I used Reverb, KS LEv and now Yep Components – Uptimizer dropper post and it’s by far the best one. I like the lever too, it could be improved for sure but it allows many mounting positions and you can press it from every angle and it works. And low pressure dropper post is a dream to use. Support and warranty is quick and flawless. This lever simply looks too big for me, but I imagine works better than RC original.

  18. Timquila on

    I bet if you were to tighten the cable just a smidge it would solve your two concerns. Really, the system works great.


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