Cat5Gear’s Cyclist Case is designed for storing cycling gear in a single, easy to carry storage solution. Whether for road, gravel, mountain biking or weekend excursions, the compartmentalized design keeps your gear organized in one convenient place.

With four main compartments, four mesh pockets, external water bottle storage pockets and ventilated, zippered lid, your gear is easy to sort and locate. Measuring 20″ wide, 15″ deep and 7.75″ in height, the case provides approximately 2,000 cubic inches of storage space…


Additional features include an integrated checklist, rigid wall construction for protecting your gear, carrying handle, and removable shoulder strap. Available in five case colors including green, black, red, orange, and “raspberry.”


The case has ample room to store items like cycling shoes, helmet, jersey, shorts, food, base layers, socks, sunglasses, embrocation cream, arm warmers, leg warmers, water bottles and a heap of other stuff.


The case it not overly large, and easily fits into available nooks and crannies inside one’s car. It also saves multiple trips when loading, versus arms and hands laden down with cycling gear!


Storage of dirty shoes or soiled clothing is solved with the release of another Cat5Gear product, creatively named The Sac. The Sac has been specifically designed to fit into one of the main compartments of the Cyclist Case, or for use on its own.


Cat5Gear Case – $CA 69.00
The Sac – $CA – $7.25

Cat5Gear is based in Ontario, Canada, and offers free shipping on orders over $CA 100 to North America.


This is a guest post from Jayson O’Mahoney, AKA the Gravel Cyclist. For more pics of how much you can cram inside, check out Gravel Cyclist’s review of the case.


  1. chasejj on

    I thin this is a pretty sweet gear bag. I like it.
    I have my whole family in small Ogio gym bags and they work but don’t open up as nicely as these.

  2. BJ on

    What a coincidence.. I just bought one of these today. Its a great bag that is simple, seems like good quality, and doesn’t take up too much space. I think the advantage this organizer has over just a regular gym bag is that everything is visible and divided into its own section.

  3. Rico on

    That’s a good point, it does look well planned. I use a floppy duffle and it can be a super pain to find stuff in there.

  4. Kyle smith on

    I have one of these. It’s a must have if you’re a racing or if you travel often with your gear. It protects the helmet and carries shoes. I love it because I get all my stuff ready the night before and race morning is worry free. our whole team is rocking these bags now.

  5. chasejj on

    I went online to buy one to try out. $19 shipping is a little steep. I have to rethink how bad I want one.

  6. Peter on

    @chasejj: With the current exchange rate between CAD and USD, the bag comes to about US$72 with shipping. I have one on the way.

  7. Andrew on

    I’ve been using one of these for about 2 years and I’ve got no complaints.

    Definitely makes it easier to find your stuff in a hurry the morning of a race when you’ve arrived too close to your start time 😛

    Also good at allowing your stuff to vent/dry out. The mesh front makes it easy to double-check that you haven’t forgotten anything without always having to open it up. Little touches like the water bottle pockets on the side are handy too. Mine is a bit tight for cold weather races but usually its fine.

  8. Mac on

    Hands down the best bag out there. We’ve all rushed out the door to make a ride only to arrive missing some important piece of gear. The Cat5 bag makes sure everything’s accounted for. Buy 2, one for your MTB gear and another for the road.

  9. Chasejj on

    Just got mine. I think it is amazing. Perfect. Now I have to dump all the Ogio duffels I have for my whole family.


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