2015 is shaping up to be a big year for Fox Shox. Between ditching CTD and revamping their line of 32 and 34 forks, they’ve also also introduced two all new shocks for the enduro and DH segments.

First introduced at Sea Otter, the new DHX2 and Float X2 shocks have external high and low speed rebound and compression adjustments, as well as a new rod valve system (RVS).

To help explain the tech, Fox just launched two mini sites for the shocks (DHX2 and Float X2) and this great video – complete with a soothing voice over, Ratboy hucks, and easy to follow diagrams.

Fox Shox


  1. This new stuff is the bomb. Then in a year or two this Fox stuff will be deemed lacking and the new best stuff will be released. The way CTD was the best but now it isn’t because descend mode blows through travel. But reviewers of CTD at the time of release didn’t mention that feature.

  2. @Ted

    No, not exactly. I’m not a Fox fanboy, but I do find these shocks interesting.

    Fox only has a single compression shim on the piston that is utilized as a high speed blow-off. There is no rebound shim or check valve on the piston itself.

    Cane Creek has full compression and rebound shim stacks on the piston.

    It will be interesting to see which implementation works best for different bikes/riders.

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