Rotor Road Spline Power Meter-4

Released this spring as a mountain bike product, the new Rotor InPower cranks are making their way to road products soon. Spotted here aboard the 2016 Felt TT bike (full story on the bikes coming soon), it’s being incorporated into the Flow aero cranks, making for a very smooth, aerodynamic package that will deliver left-leg power measurement.

The system puts the strain gauge inside the spindle, which means it’s only able to capture power output from the non-drive side, but for most users that’s enough to stay within proper training and racing zones. Check the link above for full technical details on the InPower system, and head below for more pics…

Rotor Road Spline Power Meter-3

The transmitter antenna is the only external cue there’s something special about the cranks. The battery cover sits at spindle center and hides a single AA battery to get about 300 hours ride time.

Rotor Road Spline Power Meter-2

Rotor Road Spline Power Meter

Word is the official release for the product may not be until late August, but it was spotted (and presumably spec’d) on this handsome new Felt triathlon/time trial bike. Check back soon for full coverage of 2016 Felt bikes highlights.


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