So we just teased this a few days ago, but now have the full details. BH Bikes today introduces the latest iteration of their G-series aero road bike with the new disc-brake G7 Disc. A big jump form the current G6 Pro that tucks a direct mount brake under the bottom bracket (and will carry over unchanged for next year), this new version adds flat mount discs taking pride in the increased safety of more consistent braking. But BH claims that with years of R&D in both computer analysis and in the wind tunnel, their main goal was to improve the aerodynamics of the bike even adding disc brakes.

Find out how they did after the jump…

BH-Bikes_G7-Disc_aero_disc-brake_road-bike_fork-brake-detail BH-Bikes_G7-Disc_aero_disc-brake_road-bike_non-driveside-detail

The new frame combines Pitch Fiber and Toray T24 Fibers for a lightweight, stiff, and reactive frameset for the G7 Disc. Lateral rigidity is increased over the G6 thanks to a redesigned headtube and steerer, a Press Fit 386 bottom bracket, and the addition of 12mm thru-axles front and rear.

Every frame detail was looked at, how it affected aerodynamics and stiffness, and the brakes were no exception. But the addition of disc brakes was given high priority to ensure that the new G7 Disc would perform at its peak even in poor riding conditions. Without a front caliper brake, the downtube and fork were able to more smoothly integrate without adding more turbulence at the top of the wheel. And the front brake tucks in nicely behind the fork leg with only a minimal frontal profile, and only a measurable impact to wind yaw angles from the left.

BH-Bikes_G7-Disc_aero_disc-brake_road-bike_seattube-detail BH-Bikes_G7-Disc_aero_disc-brake_road-bike_front-three-quarter BH-Bikes_G7-Disc_aero_disc-brake_road-bike_front-detail

For the rear end, low seatstays yield better aerodynamics vs. the G6, and an extended seatmast and aero seatpost clamp setup reduce wind resistance and stresses on the frame and post. Geometry keeps the BH race philosophy, with a sloping toptube and compact rear end for quick handling and maneuverability. The strong point of the G7 Disc is definitely its braking power. The frame was optimized specifically to deal with the brake action, and gets much increased stiffness with the thru-axles that make the disc perform best.

The G7 Disc will be offered in four complete builds: Shimano Dura-Ace for 8000€, SRAM Red or Shimano Ultegra Di2 for 6500€, and Ultegra mechanical for 5000€. The Dura-Ace and Red builds get an FSA K-Force crankset, while the Ultegras get an SLK. All bikes get hydraulic discs, with the mechanical Ultegra getting the new R505 controls we previewed early this year that are expected in October. The frame will be the same throughout and comes in 3 sizes. The first bikes are expected to become available in Europe some time in December. We expect to see even more from BH next week.


  1. So close, to my eye windtunnel version of perfect, of being my next bike. Wondering why they did not widen the down tune where the bottle sits.

  2. Discs brakes increase drag significantly. Makes no sense on an aero road bike with carbon aero wheels unless you race in the rain frequently. and Velonews have both put bikes to the test over the years.

  3. @charango Isn’t a dealbreaker typically a cut and dry issue? Aero stands for aerodynamic….that’s why it has a ISM. Say it ain’t so!

  4. I guess that the ISM has a normal seatpost inside, albeit shorter that usual. So it will be pretty adjustable. Same like with the G6 or G5 before. Bit of shame that G7 won’t be available as caliper version also. I was told that G6 Pro will remain as the caliper version. Hope they will update it with new aero.

  5. That is a pretty sick frameset in that space when compared to the new Venge, Madone, Foil, Aeroad.

    I still pick Aeroad as top aero frame but this is right there at the top as far as looks.

  6. @shafty, ISM makes it really difficult to travel with a bike and it is only marginally more aero. ISM is usually employed to make the bike lighter (less material around the clamp), not more aero.

    Not being able to pack the bike into a standard case for travel is a dealbreaker, hence the original comment.

  7. @charango It’s a semi-integrated seat mast so it’s not as tall as other ISM bikes and still allows you to remove the seatpost with saddle still attached. So travel may not be too difficult with some bike cases.

  8. @SuperDave you got the super sneak peak on the lunch ride a few weeks ago, although it was brief because you held back to help little buddy with is flat. Even with the wider 142 x 12 axle BH kept the rear center measurement the same as the current G6 Pro, a very snappy 402.5mm with negligible effect on shifting performance. I’m sure more details will be released once they show the bike at EuroBike next week.

  9. @ Tester;-
    Worst case loss (at higher yaw) was 8w.. and that was on standard calliper mount not direct mount.. ie worse……which is around what can be saved by an aero road helmet…
    in a pack this would be notably less and largely irrelevant and in poor conditions the time / speed saving / increase would outway the small aero penalty…
    So the loss you mention although real is certainly not “significant” relative to the system.

  10. My word, that’s a beautiful frame! Maybe disc brakes aren’t the first choice to win a flat stage, but (combined with aero) they could yield a real advantage in fast, twisty mountain descents. My descents have gotten significantly faster since I switched to discs.

  11. All things considered this bike looks gorgeous (as all BH bikes have been in the past), is aero enough, can stop on a dime, most likely really stiff, and probably rides nice as well. There is no such thing as a perfect bike for everyone and you may not like the ISM but it looks like BH has done a great job with this bike. I cant wait until this bike is available. Plus, losing a few watts won’t make any difference to 99% of riders out there.

  12. T24?
    It’ll be comfy and may have a lot of flex to it. They should have done most of the frame in T60.
    Otherwise, this is a serious disc frame/bike that tics all the boxes. I was looking at the V1-R but now……BH has piqued my interest for a race-able disc frame.

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