Shutter Precision, who has been producing a broad range of affordable, high quality dynamo hubs since 2009, has joined forces with Cycle Monkey to develop a 150mm fat bike dynomo hub. Recognizing the growing trend of fat bikes along with the increasing number of people choosing to use their adaptability to veer well off the beaten path, Cycle Monkey and Shutter Precision used their combined knowledge to come up with a solution.

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Cycle Monkey, who has a broad understanding of how these bikes are being used, helped bring Shutter Precision’s technology to fat bikes with the new SP-8X in 150mm. Though many think “snow” is all a fat bike is good for, many have taken to using them to explore well off the beaten path due to their ability to adapt to so many terrains. One challenge in building the fat bike version of the SP-8X was the big bike’s slower riding speeds and larger wheels compared to more standard bikes. The lower rotational speed of the hub makes it difficult to get full power output from a standard dynamo and causes the hub to have more resistance, so SP hub designed the wider SP-8X hub with custom magnets, windings, and hub shell to remedy this.

All SP hubs provide the industry standard 6 volt output from 3.0 or 2.4 watts, depending on model, which allows them to be used with the majority of dynamo-powered lights on the market, and the new SP-8X in 150mm width provides a dynamo option for the Rock Shox Bluto and Lauf Carbonara fat bike suspension forks as well as rigid forks from Surly, Salsa, and many others.


MSRP will be announced shortly, with availability for the 150mm hub scheduled for January.





  1. Dave-o on

    I’m interested in why they decided to go with a 150 mm spaced hub over a 142 mm hub with interchangeable end caps. 142 mm was the old standard before the Bluto came out, and I understand the Bluto is new and cool but that leaves a lot of fat bike forks not compatible. Right now I use a SP 8x with spacers I milled to work with my fat bike.

  2. preston on

    Speaking of dynamo hubs, I’m interested in a dynamo hub that could be used to trickle charge a Di2 battery. With the new electric suspension, shifting, and seatposts, my purity will not allow me to use an external power source. I could potentially see using these technologies if they were being live charged by my own power though.

  3. Tim on

    Dave-o, it comes down to numbers. On the surface, it may seem that 142 was a bigger standard, but in reality, there were only a few thousand bikes made with that standard. When 150 came out on the Bluto, and rigid forks followed suit, sold in the tens of thousands immediately, and 150 far outnumbers 142 in the overall market.

  4. CycleMonkey on

    preston & me –

    Have you seen the SineWave Cycles USB chargers?


    These would work with anything that has a USB plug and allows for charging during operation. They have reports from riders who have successfully charged Di2 systems on the road during the Trans Continental Race. Their chargers could also be tweaked to allow different plug interfaces and/or voltages if there is demand.

  5. Dave-o on

    Tim, Having worked in the industry for a long time I totally get it, it just disappointing that they couldn’t slim down the length of the hub and offer two different end cap options. I’ll still get one, ill just mill it down to fit.


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