Barfly IB15-9

Barfly, the company that developed one of the first ever out front mounts for the popular Garmin computers has expanded their line to an impressive number of offerings in just a very short 4 years. Adding to the recent release of their new SLi mounts we saw at this year’s Sea Otter, Barfly is adding even more mount options including carbon, and has expanded into fenders and grips.

Fly past the break and see how many more things you can mount to your bike now….

Barfly IB15-6Barfly IB15-7

The Dirt Fly (above) and Mudfly fenders are an easy add on to any mountain bike that can really make a difference in protecting the bike as well as you when it comes to riding through mud or dirt…. especially at high speeds. The Mud Fly and Dirt Fly fenders are easy to install and rather than being just a di-cut piece of plastic, the folding cuts on the Barfly fenders provide an extra amount of rigidity when installed.

Barfly IB15-8

To round out the line, they also have the Rain Fly that simply adds to the downtube of almost any bike to thwart any spray the front wheel may produce that the Dirt Fly doesn’t catch.

All Fenders will retail for $19.95 and will be available soon.

Barfly IB15-4Barfly IB15-5

Barfly is also had their new Silicon Fly Grips on hand. They’ll come in black and white soon with more colors planned in the future. Retail on the Fly Grips will be $19.95

Barfly IB15-3

The new aluminum Barfly Spoon Man mount comes stock with either Garmin, Mio, Joule, Magellan or Cateye mounts. It attaches to any stem that has the accessory mount underneath keeping your cockpit looking tidy. The Spoon Mount retails for $39.95

Barfly IB15-1

Barfly is also testing the waters with carbon mounts that should be available at the end of the year….. more on that soon. The first one to release this spring weighs roughly half of the standard mount (20-24gm).


  1. Brett on

    Zip ties? Are they frickin’ kidding? Might as well just use twist ties instead, then its easily removable. Come back when you’ve done some real engineering, guys.

  2. CDG on

    @Brett…I (seasonally) use a front fender on my MTB, that attaches with zip ties, and it works just fine. I, honestly, don’t see the problem here. Barfly makes some good products. No need to hate.

  3. Andy on

    Trey, Trey, Trey. Typos in the headline? I’m pretty sure the grips aren’t made of silicon, either. That wouldn’t be very comfortable. Silicone, on the other hand…(pun totally intended)


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