QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07740

While considerably smaller than their other dealer shows, QBP’s Biketoberfest still had some new stuff if you knew where to look. While some of the goods were completely new, others were new to us. Things like the ability to order custom, pre-built Zipp wheels from Quality Wheels. One of the only distributors authorized to build custom Zipps, if you have a certain preference for hubs your local bike shop should be able to help you out…

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07744

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07743 QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07742

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07741

According to QBP, products like custom Zipps are available with a super short 2 day build time meaning you could easily get your custom wheels in under a week after the ordering an shipping process (sooner if you pay for rush shipping). A rush build option is also available from Q with a 1 day turnaround for a minimal charge.

Custom wheels can be built with any hubs that QBP stocks, or they also accept dropship orders from other manufacturers which should give you plenty of options. For the show builds Q chose to feature Onyx hubs.

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07747 QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07746

We’ve gone over most of the features of Onyx hubs like their instant engagement and silent free hub, but we haven’t noticed this clever little touch on the front disc hub. One of the concerns of running disc brakes with quick releases is that the rotational forces will cause the hub to eject from the fork. Rather than using round end cap, the Onyx hubs use a rectangular key and slot system which could help keep the hub in the fork. We haven’t tried it on a bike to see if it makes wheel changes much more difficult, but it’s an interesting concept.

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07750 QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07752

QBP also had several other custom wheels on display including Onyx equipped fat bike wheels, and even super affordable Boost compatible plus wheels.

teravail dirty Kanza 200 special edition

Teravail tires QBPDSC07754 Teravail tires QBPDSC07753

As one of the events that inspired the Teravail tire range and served as a chief testing ground, there will be a limited number of Dirty Kanza Edition Cannonball tires for sale. If you haven’t checked them out yet, Teravail is a line of gravel, dirt, and bike packing tires which are all tubeless ready and supposedly quite durable.

Problem Solvers fat bike hub adapter

Problem solvers fat bike front rear hub adapter

ABSP. That’s Always Be Solving Problems, or what should be the motto of Problem Solvers. Every time we show up there’s something new to make bike mechanics’ lives a little easier. This time that comes in the form of new adapters to MisMatch your brakes and shifters. Problem Solvers is now packaging the Shimano Ispec A and B adapters in the same kit to cut down on confusion and SKUs. Apparently it’s just a few small pieces of hardware so it doesn’t influence the price much and provides both adapters. We’re told there will all be XTR brakes to SRAM Matchmaker shifters and XTR shifters to SRAM Guide brake adapters coming soon.

On the bottom is a simple little fix for fat bike lovers everywhere. The Fat Fork Disc Rotor spacer will space out your rear disc spaced hub to fit your front disc spaced fork. As rear spaced forks are getting less common, many riders will be left with wheels that won’t fit their new forks. The Fat Fork Disc Rotor spacer does exactly that and spaces the rotor out 4.8mm to put it in the correct position. Included is an aluminum spacer with 6 extra long stainless steel rotor bolts to make it all work.

45NRTH wolfgar boot replacement liner

You’ve seen the baddest winter cycling boot around with the Wolfgar from 45NRTH. At Biketoberfest they were showing the replacement inner boots you can buy to swap out when the first pair gets wet so you stay warm (when it’s -25º of course).

microshift 11 speed roadDSC07730

microshift 11 speed roadDSC07731 microshift 11 speed roadDSC07734

Finally, the new MicroShift Arsis 11 speed road group was on display. We caught most of their new mountain bike product in Taipei, but for the road MicroShift is bringing another gear to their MIC product line. Available in both the carbon clad Arsis and all aluminum Centos, the 11 speed groups will be 2×11 compatible and will run up to 32t rear cassettes.

microshift 11 speed roadDSC07736 microshift 11 speed roadDSC07737

The dual control levers continue with their lower paddle for up shifts like a SRAM shifter, and the upper thumb paddle for down shifts. The upper paddle is fairly large so you can shift it from the hoods or the drops. Weight of the Arsis 11 shifters, front, and rear derailleur combined is claimed to be 792g.



  1. I bet that front fatbike disc spacer could also be used as part of a “hack” to run a 15×100 hub in a 15×110 Boost fork…..

  2. As for that “clever little touch” on the Onyx front hub, Ringle had that feature on the Super Duper Bubba front hub to help stiffen the suspension fork.

  3. Microshift is really upping their game. I would definitely debate on putting it on my cx bike, or whatever else was my #2 bike at the moment!

  4. I dunno if this is the right place to put it, but why doesn’t Bike Rumor cover Chinese carbon products? The latest releases from Chinese carbon manufacturers. A lot of people find value in these products. It’d be nice to those products covered, in addition to the typical stuff you see on Bike Rumor: wheel after $1000+ wheel.

  5. @Pantaloon – Those companies offer zero support or warranty in the US. Kudos to Bikerumor for not polluting their feed with unsafe/ unsupported product.

  6. @ApeEscape please refrain from comments like that when you are trying to speak for the masses. I know several people with China carbon products all of which have held up just fine. For the couple that have needed warranties, the companies have backed the product just as you’d expect from the big names (actually better in my experience). And I do speak from experience.

  7. I rode Microsoft for three years. One thing I learned about shifters. Once you’re in gear they don’t matter anymore and only Freds shift nonstop. A strange thing I liked about my micros was how unbelievably loud they shifted. *DONK* people would flinch in the pack thinking my bike exploded and hesitate when I would jump. Every little bit counts.

  8. “…only Freds shift nonstop”

    You mean people who use their gears as intended? Because that’s why these companies have gone to such great lengths to put the shifters in our hands..

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