From our friend and less than famous film maker Kevin Neidorf, whose edits of SSCXWC14 and others we’ve posted in the past, comes his edit of the River City Bicycles Cross Crusade. Watch as contenders’ powerful attempts to battle each other with some with less than graceful results, and a quick glimpse of the King himself at :50 seconds in…..

Skid past the break for more includng: Redbull TV’s wrap up of the World Enduro Series, some of the world’s biggest jumps on a bike with Nico Vink & Brendan Faircloughm and a 200mph “jet bike”…..

Redbull TV World Enduro Series Wrap up!  In 8 races with a massive 27,314 meters of descent, the series wraps up in Ligure, Italy, and this video from Redbull TV takes you there.

From Scott Sports, take a look at these insanely big jumps with Nico Vink and Brendan Fairclough. No room for error here!

And for our throwback: Not exactly new, but still, a bicycle at 200 MPH!!! Just trying to imagine holding this thing steady and remain alive is mind boggling.


  1. Colin on

    Cross Crusade 2015 was awesome. Those guys and gals work their butts off and put on one hell of an event. I couldn’t make it to all of the races, since I live 400 miles from Portland, but the 6 I went to were awesome. Great courses, the atmosphere is amazing, the A’s field was very competitive this year.

    It was really awesome to see how many people came out to support the event last weekend, at PIR, event though there was a UCI race in Tacoma.

    Can’t wait until 2016!


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