Getting your bike stolen sucks. For some reason thieves think it’s ok, since it’s just a bike (or they’re just terrible people. Probably both). So rather than just sit down and take it, the latest trend seems to be setting up bike thieves in clever ways and filming the usually comical results. For welovecycling that meant arranging the European Bike Stealing Championships. Set up a bait bike complete with a powder bomb and celebratory band hidden nearby and you wait. Granted, the bikes weren’t actually locked up, but taking a bike that isn’t yours that isn’t locked up is still stealing.

Taking a more punishing route, the team over at TwinzTV are literally reeling in the thieves(warning – lots of NSFW language)

warning – NSFW language

Don’t try this at home.


  1. Veganpotter on

    I’m a little perplexed that nobody bit in Prague. It still took longer than I thought in the other cities considering the bikes were completely unsecured. I also think the unlocked, but tired up bike thefts were way funnier than this

  2. Allan on

    Wait, so the guy in Rome still rode off with the bike? Guess they had to do some follow up with the video to the police to get the bike back.

  3. Wheel Fan on

    Veganpotter: the Prague location (Republic sq.) was pretty badly chosen for such purpose: there’s 24/7 police presence in that square, pedestrian zone, it’s cobblestones everywhere, tram tracks and taxis all around, 90% of people around are tourists. there are much “better” spots within a few blocks’ radius where the bike would be gone in less than a minute, guaranteed.

  4. goridebikes on

    I’m all for shaming bike theives. And I do generally spend my time in the comments section here at bikerumor telling other people how their bikes are heavy or their mechanical knowledge is subpar, or perhaps how wrong they are about the need for a dropper post.

    But I think it’s pretty poor editorial discretion to post and promote the second video. The entire genre of “hood prank” videos is incredibly offensive. It’s blatant racism, simply place a bike in the “hood” and watch the young black man ride off with it.. LOL!!! See, look, black people will steal anything if we leave it unlocked. Also, if we walk around like ignorant, entitled white boys who don’t belong here, and try to pick fights – we’ll get knocked out. Etc.

    It’s pretty unfortunate that someone as disinterested in political correctness or politeness is here trying to shame you guys – but you should be ashamed. It’s contributing to an enormous problem: the perception that non-white people are reliably going to commit crimes, be guilty, or otherwise break the rules that we created. The entire prank is trap, designed to ensure that we all feel good about our racist attitudes.

    Zach, if I were you, I’d re-evaluate. It’s one thing to go somewhere and create something like the first video, where the bias is at least not clearly racial. The second, shame on you…

  5. Ol' Shel' on

    Setting booby traps is illegal. The jackbags in the second video need to be prosecuted.

    Calling black men “boy” is offensive.

    If the only way to avoid being called “P.C.” is to be racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, etc, then I’m proud to be “P.C.”


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