Launch day for the Fortified Invincible is here, and the real story is the sum of its parts rather than any one individual feature. Fortified set out to create the ultimate city bike. This is a bike that will survive pedaling the mean streets, but more importantly will be there where you locked it up when you come back.

To guarantee that, the bike has some anti-theft features included, but it’s what you can’t see that really makes the Invincible uniquely guaranteed against theft…



While we hadn’t yet seen the whole bike, most of the features have already been discussed. Invincible will be available in single speed with rim or 8 speed with disc brake models, each with a rust proof aluminum frame and retro reflective decals. Each bike rolls on their own 700x32c puncture resistant tires, and includes a “water resistant” saddle as well as a chain treated with rust proofing.

FortifiedBike_Studio_Web_9 FortifiedBike_Studio_Web_8


Hardware throughout the bike uses anti-theft bolt heads with locking wheel nuts that require a special wrench to remove. Each bike will also include its own U-Lock which Fortified calls best in class. Fortified’s excellent Aviator and Afterburner are available as additions through Kickstarter individually, or for $80 for the pair, along with a rear rack and fenders – each with their own security screws.



All of the components aside, the really interesting feature is their Fortified protect program. Sort of bike theft insurance, riders who buy into the program will receive a replacement in 24 hours if their bike is stolen, and all they’ll be on the hook for is shipping. During the Kickstarter, riders can purchase Fortified Protect plans with their bike in 1, 2, or 3 year increments at a significant discount ($50 per year) from the post KS full price of $100 a year. After the plan expires, riders will be able to renew their Protection with a early backer discount.

According to co-founder Slava Menn, Fortified protect is built on trust. Since their theft rate of their lights has been extremely low and their customers honest, they have been able to replace the few that have been stolen. Calling Fortified Protect the next stage, Fortified will help riders whose bike is stolen file a police report and even search craigslist or other sources for the stolen bike, and if nothing shows up the new bike ships in under 24 hours.

So there you have it – a bike that is built for the streets, locks all the parts and accessories down with security hardware, includes its own U lock, and if all else fails is replaced through Fortified Protect if stolen.

The Kickstarter is live now with pricing starting at $399 for the bare bones single speed, up to $949 for the 8 speed with front and rear lights and 3 years of Fortified Protect. Head over to Kickstarter for full spec details and pricing.


  1. I just bought the lights an LOVE them. Wasn’t planning on replacing my beater bike until next season but…wow. These guys nailed it.

  2. All anti-theft components AND a guarenteed replacement if the bike is ever stolen. Those are some pretty serious features for a bike that doesn’t break the 1K mark for an 8 speed with disc breaks.

    As someone who lives in a high-theft urban area, the potential to have a nice bike in the city and lock it outside is exciting!

  3. Changing a tire is going to be a PITA if you don’t have that wrench handy. And if the wrench isn’t something the LBS has, you’re SOL until you find that wrench. That’s speaking from having a flat while riding on skewers that used an Allen/Hex key fastening system, without a multi-tool. At least in my case, a fellow cyclist lent me their multi-tool. There’s only so much you can do to prevent theft 🙁

  4. When I first saw this bike, I really wanted to see it in person so I could judge myself how sturdy and “theft-proof” it would actually be, but I have to say that warranty kind of makes it an easy choice now.

  5. I’m excited to get my hands on this bike! As a seasoned rider, the 8 speed will be perfect to withstand the city streets. Disc Brakes?! Yes finally! They will help keep me safe with constant braking performance no matter how wet or nasty it is out there. I ride year round and it’s so important to have a reliable bike that will last, reduce flats and repair costs. I’m going to order 2 of these!!

  6. Bravo! It’s great to see a company that stands behind their product on this scale. I bought the bike lights, and I still love the Afterburner.

    A guaranteed bike opens up my options when around the city. My general thought has been that I couldn’t leave my bike outside in most places if I were to bike to the park, friend’s apartment, work, etc. It gives the city biker complete freedom again.

  7. None of this is new and most has been offered for years and you don’t need to buy a new bike to get it.

    Bike theft is often covered in home owner or rental insurance as well, even if the bike isn’t at home when stolen. Known several people who had bikes stolen out of cars or while on vacation that got insurance money for a replacement.

  8. What they cannot protect you from is the frustrated thief who damages the bike by abusing a wheel for example rendering it unridable. That sort of thing is evident here in Vancouver. The bike is still there but the wheels are toast.

  9. @Alb, I was thinking the same thing! Maybe this bike attracts comments from a different cross section of BR readers than the other product articles, but that hasn’t been the case with previous Fortified related articles so it does make you go hmmmm…..

  10. How does Fortified prevent fraud? Seems one could sell their fortified, file a police report, and get a new bike. In a cash transaction, done properly, no police in major city centers would devote the time to find out.
    Trust? Hey, I guess that is calculated in the risk vs profit for their policy and its cost.

    Good stuff for the end user though.

  11. IWith most U-locks companies, you can register your bike when you buy the U-lock, and they refund you the price of the bike if it ever get stolen. But there are some big catches: the insurance is void if the lock was broken using a power tool (and you have to send the broken pieces so they can inspect them, so you’re also screwed if you can’t pick them up), and you also have to provide the copy of a police report. I’ve never done it, but I heard it can be difficult to obtain that report in time (it’s obviously not considered an emergency). So in practice it’s very difficult to get some money back.

    Given the price of the Fortified insurance, I suppose it covers U-locks broken by power tools, but I would be interested by all the fine prints (I couldn’t find them on their kickstarter).

  12. I think the big thing that would be nice for someone who relies on their bike heavily for commuting is the guaranteed turn around time. Yes other people have done locking skewers, and lock brands do guarantee with some stipulations, but having gone through renters insurance for stolen goods myself, sometimes you can’t wait a month for the replacement. One day guaranteed sounds like it would make a difference for a no-car commuter.

  13. This is a joke…. you do know that anyone can pick up those “security” hex tools from any big box hardware provider right? They are the same ones that plumbers use when building out commercial bathrooms…. I use pinheads and a fahgettaboudit U-lock, have been daily in SE Washington DC and I have never had an issue.

  14. Who wants to start a Fortified bike share program? Just toss the lock in the garbage, and suddenly you have a blooming bike share program with hundreds of bicycles around town.

  15. Nice features, incredible guarantee. Now that is a good reason to buy one of these. Now if they could just add a gps tracker hidden in the frame somewhere they could close the loop.

  16. That is one of the methods of launching a successful Kickstarter, is to get a bunch of friends to be early adopters, and shill social media, to dive an early blitz that makes it look like the campaign will be very successful.

    This slava guy, while clearly a bicycle know-nothing, sure knows how to bilk money out of people

  17. So many skeptics.

    I wonder if they’re contrarian in nature or of they’re really trying to dump on commuting, because it’s not their preferred form of cycling.

    Criminals are lazy. Anything additional you do to cause them work or expense will help protect your property.

  18. A warranty is only as good as the company- and as long as they are still in business!

    I am going to wait years until they have proved themselves a legit company.

  19. I guarantee that this bike would get stolen in SoMa in SF. It doesn’t matter how you lock it. Thieves will cut the frame in half to get the components.

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