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Ritchey just published a nice conversation on their site that they had with filmmaker and photographer Brian Vernor after he came back to LA from finishing the Yorkshire Dales classic Three Peaks Cyclocross race. Vernor completed the 53rd annual event earlier this fall aboard his custom finished, custom built Swiss Cross Disc. He is in the process of putting together a documentary about the full experience, and in the meantime we’ll settle for a teaser of what’s to come. Click through for a closer look at his bike, a link through to the interview, and for another video teaser from Vernor…

Ritchey_Brian-Vernon_Three-Peaks_write-up_bike-build Ritchey_Brian-Vernon_Three-Peaks_write-up_riding

The Three Peaks is a brutal race. Just 38miles/61km and 5000ft/1500m of climbing, but across some rough terrain that is only opened to cyclists for this one event each year. It is a definite bucket list kind of ride, and after years of riding cross and documenting it behind the lens, Vernor had to see it firsthand. Now he is back to covering US cross racing and over the winter will edit his footage and build a story for the upcoming Three Peaks documentary which we will anxiously await in 2016. Until then satisfy yourself with this trailer for his 2014 cyclocross feature Pure Sweet Hell:

Oh and Ritchey reminded us not to miss out on Free Shipping on all orders over $100 throughout the rest of December over at their online shop. (Dec 18 is their last day to ship to deliver to the US before Christmas.)

Check out the Ritchey-Vernor interview at RitcheyLogic.com
See more of Vernor’s work at BrianVernor.com


  1. I’ve seen Pure Sweet Hell and I don’t think that’s it. Bad link?
    Eds: Wow, that was some weird Vimeo linking error. Thanks for the catch Freditor. We fixed it.

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