We’ve covered the clean and simple lines of Schindelhauer bikes from the Berlin Bike Show and Eurobike over the past few years, but just spotted a new simple version of their ThinBike which aims to make city bike life just a bit easier to deal with. Working with full size wheels (mostly), their signature aluminum frame and fork, and a couple of folding components, the ThinBike delivers a compact and affordable way to get around town, and a bike that can easily be stashed out of the way at home or in the office. Come across the fold for the details…

Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_black-complete Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_folded-white

The ThinBike uses a quickly folding stem and pedals to cut the space required to stash the full-sized bike in half. Then the bike can be kept in a hallway or even behind your desk at work without worrying about constantly snagging the bar or pedal every time you walk past.

Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_folding-stem Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_wellgo-folding-pedal

The ThinBike gets slightly smaller than the norm 24″ wheels for quick urban handling, but still keeps good roll-over for rough city streets. Plus there are plenty of good 24″ tires available, including the 40mm Schwalbe Kojak slicks that come with the bike. Braking is handled by a Tektro Lyra disc up front and a coaster brake out back.

Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_track-ends Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_aluminum-disck-fork

Like many Schindelhauer bikes, the ThinBike employs a Gates belt drive and SRAM Automatix two speed hub for maintenance-free operation. That also means that it uses Schindelhauer’s standard singlespeed and belt -friendly split horizontal fork ends (dropouts) with stainless faces and built-in tensioning adjustment. The ThinBike also features a taillight integrated into the seatpost and a bell integrated into the left brake lever’s bar clamp.

Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_open-dropout Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_gates-belt-drive Schindelhauer_ThinBike_compact-city-bike_seatpost-light

The ThinBike comes in one-size-fits-all in either white or black complete bikes. The carryover 2015 model is in limited stock in black now for just 1200€. The new 2016 models will be available from March 1 for 1300€, and are mostly the same spec, but with slightly smaller gearing and a more durable wheelset.


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