4iiii Innovations, Inc., is one of a handful of startups bringing more affordable power meters to market, and it looks like their the first of the bunch to make it to the top levels of our sport. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured 4iiii’s power meter. First spotted at 2014 Interbike and again at 2015 Sea Otter, the 4iiii’s power meter has made leaps in bounds during that time. The latest variant is now officially in the WorldTour, with several Ettix Quick-Step Specialized team bikes fitted with a version that measures both left-and-right power. Click on through for more details…


Complete with ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, the latest version weighs a claimed 25 grams, making it the lightest power meter option yet. The original left-side only version tips the scales at nine grams, and has been available for some time. Currently, 4iiii require the buyer to mail in their left side crankset, who then install the meter for $US 399.


According to the Ettix Quick-Step team mechanic we spoke with, the right-side meter mounts to the Dura-Ace crank spider with three bolts. Not counting the bolts holding the cover in place, we couldn’t see evidence of any fixing bolts, and speculate the device is bonded to the right-side of the crankset, much like the left-side.


The image above demonstrates a birds-eye view of the rear of right-side measuring device.


The left-side measurement device is vastly reduced in size, with a claimed battery life of over 100 hours, utilizing CR-2032 coin cell batteries.


Ettix Quick-Step is still in the early days of testing with 4iiii’s new dual-sided power meter, with availability and pricing still an unknown.

Photos and article by Gravel Cyclist.
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4iiii Innovations Inc.


  1. L/R power, both ANT+ and BLE, not tied to a head unit or Windows for firmware updates, reasonable pricing, really looking forward to these!

  2. Just a comment on costs (there’s another website discussing the huge prices, but no comments enabled).

    It all seems highly extortionate.
    I’d like to see some of these startups push for open source software and auto calibration methods, and I’m having a hard time understanding the device costs when the parts from a $20 electronic scale can easily provide the necessary data, they run using a packet of gel that when bent changes resistance, they are highly accurate at measuring even the slightest touch, you can blow on the panel and it will register pressure. it seems that is what they must be using, although the costs do not add up.

    Given the open source and that method costs in general could and should be slammed to under $100

    • Is that including R&D, advertising, sponsorship, margins for retailers, covering potential losses for warranties, paying people to build/install them, maybe even giving health insurance to their employees.

      This goes for so many products. If you can build a bike frame yourself, go ahead and spend $200+ on a good tubeset. You can sell it to your friends for $200. Hopefully it doesn’t ride like crap.

      • I was going to be pretty rude but @Veganpotter hit it on the head! @jj if you can’t afford it don’t buy it or complain about it.

    • Good luck with that sub $100 power meter. Sure, it’s not too difficult produce a power meter that is pretty accurate, but you seriously underestimate what it takes to produce a power meter whose accuracy and precision is competitive with todays power meters, whose form is as sleek and/or polished as those on the market, and whose reliability competes with the best out there.

      Of course everything is easy when you’re not invested in or part of the process.

  3. *they’re the first

    “using a packet of gel.” Erm, these use strain gauges, but feel free to start your own Packet of Gel Kickstarter, JJ.

  4. PowerTap has the C1 which has dual measurement and I found it for $700 with a quick search plus you don’t have to mail in your crankarm. Another good option assuming your cranks are compatible, of course.

    Does the 4iiii require separate batteries for each crank arm?

    • Those pedals are terrible. While pedal strikes aren’t typical, they will be with those pedals if you’re even a remotely aggressive bike handler. I’ve only struck a couple times in my life but if I had these pedals, it would probably happen in every crit I’ve done and I’m not very aggressive. Who wants to change riding style for a power meter? Plus they’re stupid heavy.

    • I like that PowerTap’s C1 chainring powermeters now support simultaneous ANT+ and BLE (previously PowerTap was either/or) and that their firmware updates are done with a smartphone over Bluetooth, but there are still a metric crapton of cranks they don’t support, including Shimano 9000/6800/5800, SRAM Red 22/Force 22/Rival 22 and really anything from Campy.

  5. i have two. the COO has not been responsive in addressing concerns. the second one i ordered recently was hastily bonded on, with the edges of the unit hanging off the side of the crank arm. It looks like a homespun job, and he refuses to address the issue. Im ashamed to show it to people on my otherwise perfectly tuned rig. Temp compensation still isn’t available yet either. you get what you pay for. This is a chevy vette to Stages’ Porsche.

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