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Atomlab came to Taipei with some big items to show following the ever-growing (literally) wheel trends of going both wider and bigger. Now offering complete wheelsets, check out their new Plus and Race wheels with their unique rim design, and also get a peek at a new larger carbon bar & requisite stem to help stay in more control…

000 Taipei 2016 P1100051

Built around their quick, 3° of engagement 102 Hubs that debuted a couple of years ago, these wide Atomlab wheels will surely be contenders in the boutique wheel market. The hubs are stout, with 5 bearings and are available with either a SRAM/Shimano cassette body or an XD driver.

000 Taipei 2016 P1100055 000 Taipei 2016 P1100053

The aluminum SL 650 Race wheels sport their rather girthy 470g SL Race rims (also available separately) that have a 30mm internal width. With that light weight and big size, the rims use a pair of internal ridges to increase lateral stiffness. The complete wheelset will retail at a decent $920 and only comes in 27.5.

000 Taipei 2016 P1100045 000 Taipei 2016 P1100052

Even bigger are the new SL+ wheels. With a really low profile and 45mm internal width, the 605g SL+ rims (also available separately), should fit right in with the exploding plus-sized bike craze. They get the same stiffening ribs and tubeless bead shelf as the SL.

000 Taipei 2016 P1100040Atomlab

As for the cockpit, Atomlab has a new 35mm carbon bar that is 780mm long and tips the scales at 228g. The machined 35mm SL stem will give a nice stiff grip to the new bar, and comes with a shim in case you choose to stick with 31.8. The stem is available in 35 & 50mm lengths, and will come in 7 anodized colors to match your own setup.



  1. Sam on

    It’s cool to see atomlab releasing new stuff. The question is, will it be enough to save their failing company?

    Probably not.

  2. will on

    You never know. They got by on mediocre rims (with cool branding), crappy (but innovative) thin pedals, and not much else for a lot of years…

  3. Beano on

    To be honest, their rims have been bombproof since early days. Which is about 20plus years back. I’ve had those, stopped riding came back on their dhr which are tough! All well build and never experienced even a dent! They are a tad heavy to be honest. But I’m starting to consider their recent series of products which have considerable improvements in weight.


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