We saw BH’s new G7 Disc aero road bike at Eurobike last year and will soon be under the likes of the French Direct Energie team. So why not do a cool video descending a mountain? Oh, how about the same mountain the 2009 Redbull Road Rage was held on… If you don’t know what that is, check out the next video with former TDF stage winner Frederic Moncassin and Cedric Gracia dicing it down a wet paved mountain side.

Also check out a few more different ways to pound the pavement…


2009 Redbull Road Rage is no more, but it is no less insane than just about any other event Redbull puts on.

Some serious national championship road racing takes place every year that you may not know about. The Penny-farthing National Championships might be as fun to attend as any other bike race… plus it’ll give you a great excuse to finally wear that bowler hat!

Chrome Ind shows off their new Hooded Bomber and Duramap Hoodie in this video atop messenger/photog, Damian Riehl. As Damian makes his drops all over Portland, he captures the landscape from a unique point of view. Knowing every back road and having a constant view of the city’s bustling circulation, as a messenger Damian combines his unique access to the city’s secrets with his talented eye behind his Hasselblad.

Chrome….. Damian Riehl. The video also surrounds two new products from the company as part of their “February capsule” which highlights the new Hooded Bomber and Duramap Hoodie.

Commencal opens it up in City Road where even city bikes can get rowdy. With downhillers Myriam Nicole and Gaëtan Ruffin at the controls… what did you think was going to happen?






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