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We don’t often see many new things from Europe in Taipei since their production calendar revolves around Eurobike’s early-September show, but sometimes things get done early, (or late), and you show what you got. This year Vittoria had a pretty nice looking helmet and shoes, and Prologo gave us a sneak peek at their CPC new technology that does everything better…

Vittoria Helmet


The new VH-Ikon helmet from Vittoria isn’t labeled an “aero” helmet but definitely is more aero than other models in the line-up. They wanted something more aero that still had good cooling abilities in the hotter months. I really liked the idea of the top vent as it resembles those on motorcycle helmets which are there to increase the flow of hot air out the back of the helmet. Even the side intake and exhaust vents look the business.

Vittoria Shoes helmet P1100331

Inside the padding seems to provide a wide surface area, so assuming it fits your head-shape, it’s probably pretty comfortable. Curious as to how well it vents, but regardless, it looks badass. The $200 VH-Ikon is also available in white and comes in small and medium sizes.

Vittoria Shoes helmet P1100329

Vittoria had some new kicks at the show including the La Tecnica. Details are scarce but it appears to be similar to their flagship Ikon road shoe but in a perforated leather rather than a leather/mesh upper.

Vittoria Shoes helmet P1100328

There was also this swank lace-up version. They already make the 1976 vintage style lace-up (also with carbon sole), but these may have a more modern fit and be more purposeful for racing should someone prefer a lace-up over other systems.

Vittoria Shoes helmet P1100330

What appears to be the same carbon sole as their Ikon shoe, Vittoria seems to be expanding on their top-tier offerings for those that prefer a high level of performance in a more sophisticated looking shoe.

Vittoria Shoes helmet P1100089


Prologo didn’t have any new saddles to show us, but were kind enough to give us a sneak peek at their new CPC technology.

CPC (Connect Power Control), is a  3D Polymer layer on select saddles that provides shock & vibration absorption, better air-flow, and grip. The new CPC2 is currently being tested by sponsored rider Alberto Contador.


Compared to the first version of CPC, the CPC2 has several hexagonal groups of “micro fingers” (for descriptive purposes), that are spaced apart vs. being just one solid section of them. According to the folks at Prologo, the spaced out sections of CPC are grippier, (aids in power transfer), provide 50% more shock absorption than previous versions, and provide better air-flow and comfort.

CPC2 will come on the following saddles:

  • Zero C3 CPC
  • Scratch 2 CPC
  • Nago Evo CPC
  • Zero 2 CPC

The new saddles should be available around the Tour de France and they hinted that they will have a new off-road saddle at Sea Otter, so stay tuned!


  1. Does anyone use lace-ups? The only choices I’ve ever really had on the road were velcro and velcro with ratcheting systems. I wonder how the lace ups compare.

    Them saddles tho…the very last thing I want is the saddle to be sticky! My butt will naturally slide to where it wants to be, the last thing I want is to have to fidget around a sticky saddle until I’m where I want to be. Shock absorbing, I’m all for, but pass on the sticky.

    As for the helmet, it seems like we are in an era where helmet design and style is changing extremely fast. And it appears what goes around comes around…most of the new designs are the size of the original giant mushroom shaped Vetta helmet of the 80’s…not a good look!

  2. First reaction to that helmet = Boba Fet. Those saddles are hideous. If this is Vittoria being late for the fall expos, maybe they should have left them in the design room.

  3. I have a Zero 2 CPC saddle and love it. Allan, I hear you good sir, nut at least for me, I find the right spot pretty quickly, and then the CPC helps keep me planted there. I feel that it gives me more control (safety) and also a firmer base from which to pedal. I’d say, check it out!

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