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Every so often you want to haul more than normal. And sometimes it may be for long distances. If that is the case, your race ready, carbon-everything road bike may be the ideal tool, but it’s one of the least adaptable bikes for more than a seat bag, and wearing a backpack for more than 20 minutes is annoying.

Tailfin has come up with a pretty slick system that is light weight, easy to install & remove and it will work on any road bike with a quick release rear wheel. And it’s carbon frame and seatpost safe!

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Let’s be honest… If you have a really nice carbon bike, you don’t want to just throw any mediocre accessory on it. And a bike rack probably seems pretty low on the upgrade list. Until now. Tailfin’s new rack and bag system that was made to be light, fit safely on about any carbon road or cross bike and does’t detract from the bike’s style like some run of the mill rack would.

They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to get production in full swing. The Tailfin’s carbon body attaches via a special quick release skewer and is secured to the seatpost with a connecting rod with a carbon-safe clamp that will fit almost any common sized seatpost (An aero post may be the exception). Weighing 50% less than most racks the Tailfin rack weighs only 275g and fits their panniers which are made of a high performance sailcloth laminate making them waterproof, durable and light at 600g.


The system forms a structural triangle between the wheel’s skewers and seatpost to keep everything secure and can be removed in almost no time.


Each pannier has a 24 liter capacity and will hold up to a 17 inch laptop. There is an internal rigid backbone to keep everything in place and protected. Prices on Kickstarter will be starting at $190/£132/€169 for the rack & $65/£45/€57 for the pannier.



  1. jlg on

    Interesting project.
    The Tubus Airy weight 353g (233g + 120g of attachement) and you can buy it for 104.87€ in Germany.
    I am more impress by the weight of the pannier (600g for 24L).
    Ortlieb Back Roller Plus weight 760g for 20L and cost 90.71€. I have limited knowledge for the pannier so it is highly possible that you find a better product.
    – Tubus Airy + 2x Ortlieb Back Roller Plus : 1873g / 195,58€
    – Tailfin rack + 2x Tailfin panniers : 1475g / 303€

  2. JBikes on

    Imagine the additional weight savings if bike makers just molded in two small threaded bosses into carbon frames.
    I understand full aero and crit frames probably don’t need it, but the proliferation of more relaxed carbon “endurance” style bikes without even fender mounts, yet alone a rack bosses is baffling. Do people see a rack boss and think, whoa that’ll slow me down big time!

  3. nightfend on

    For all the terrible kickstarter projects out there, this one is pretty innovative. I don’t even plan to do any touring and I still want to purchase this to use on my road bikes.

  4. ChknBreast on

    I used the Thule Pack N Pedal system on my carbon road bike with their commuter panier for the very same reason. No rack mounts. It worked flawlessly.

  5. Ripnshread on

    A sweet way to put panniers on race bikes.

    That said, I have some questions. Will it work with TA? 135? What is the effect of the extra unsprung weight over the axle on that SL race bikes frame and that carbon rim??? Will this void the warranty on said frames, seatposts and wheels?

    Seems like a really cool answer to a question i’m not sure is being asked.

  6. Chris on

    Putting the weight that far back is going to result in some serious tail wag sensations. For light/commuting loads a Carradice saddlebag with a SQR mount would be better.

  7. aj on

    Carbon bikes need rear racks? Have these people heard of rackless touring. Nobody does racks anymore. Even for riding across country. Racks are so 90s. People have moved their touring packs to the center of the frame, and the handlebars, and a long huge bag under/behind the saddle. You can pack as much stuff as a traditional rack type of pannier system, but have much better bike handling with rackless designed bags.

    This Kickstarter product is already doomed from the start because the touring bags niche market has already moved away from these pannier type of designs, and have embraced rackless type of bag designs that mount more centrally on a bike.


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