It seems like a little thing, but saddle maker Morgaw has just released a pair of iOS and Android apps to get your butt in the right spot on the bike. Correctly adjusting your saddle can often make or break a ride, especially for long days on the bike. Using you smartphone’s built in sensors, the Saddle Adjust app helps you dial in saddle tilt and setback, so that when you get on a new bike you get your saddle in the right spot the first time. Plus the app also builds in the ability to store your ideal position, so that you can try out a new fit, but seamlessly return to the original if need be…

More than just a level, the app from Morgaw combines the gyroscopes sensors in your smartphone to adjust both tilt and setback. To use the app, just quickly calibrate it to the surface your bike is on, adjust tilt using the phone as a level, then use the camera to adjust how the saddle is positioned fore-and-aft by tracking the rails. The app also can store setup data from up to 3 existing bike fits, thus making it easier to duplicate positioning or return to a baseline on new bikes.

Morgaw’s app isn’t free, but will set you back just 99¢ in the App Store or $1 at Google Play.


      • I bought one recently after decades of fiddling and always thinking my bars weren’t straight. I’m glad I spent the money on it! It works and it’s simple to use.

    • Did you at least watch the video before writing an article on the product? It is just a level to set saddle tilt. No gyroscopic sensors are used for the saddle set back because you take a stupid photo that doesn’t tell you anything.

  1. I don’t get it.

    Is it just a level app, which I already have, and taking a picture of setback? How does this help you achieve the same setback with a new post like they claim in the video?

  2. So after you take a picture of your saddle, how do you “track the rails”? Is there more to this than simply looking at the photo of your saddle tilt? Is there some kind of overlay or something that superimposes angled lines or something to get the tilt back to where it was? Because otherwise, it’s just a photo…

  3. It uses your iphone as a level, but there are tons of apps that do this already.

    The only thing this does it is makes it more convenient to take a photo, measure angle, and save the data together. It’s nothing revolutionary.

  4. It’s an app that costs one freakin’ buck! And has a video so you can decide whether or not to buy it. I knew immediately the angst-driven BR commenters would be up in arms over such a travesty, and wasn’t disappointed.

  5. there is already free “level” apps… you can record the value in “keep” together with the picture… No limit on the number of bikes…
    So it’s nice to have everything integrated but I wouldn’t pay for it…
    Maybe once there is a few more options, that could make sense…

  6. Cool, so now I get to take my phone, which I hold against the side of my head and adjacent to my mouth all day, and lay it where somebody’s sweaty ass was? Cool.

  7. Why do people obsess so much on how level their saddles are? I use the same saddle on three bikes and there is only 1 degree difference among them. I just went by how they feel. After knowing the difference, I’m not going to fool with it.

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