Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, side shot

Some riders insist on treating themselves to the best bikes and components they can afford, and if these riders have kids (and a healthy income) those little tykes are likely to benefit from their parent’s appreciation of high-quality goods. If you want ‘only the finest’ for your up and coming mountain biker, how about a full carbon bike with disc brakes, a 1×11 drivetrain, a slew of carbon components and titanium pedals?

Fair Wheel Bikes doesn’t play second fiddle with their custom creations, and we’ve checked out a few other tantalizing bikes in the past including a Parlee gravel grinder with a custom XTR/Di2 setup. This is the first kids bike they’ve put together, and it was built around Woom’s brand new Carbonara 20” rigid frame and fork.

The complete custom bike seen here weighs just 14.2 lbs with the pedals and bottle cage included. Check out more specs on Fair Wheel’s custom build and info on Woom’s stock Carbonara models below…

Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, frame

If you want a light bike you’re going to need a light frame, and Woom’s Carbonara 4 certainly fits the bill at 947g. The matching Carbonara 4 fork uses a full carbon tapered steer tube to keep its weight down to 380g. Despite those numbers Woom says they kept durability in mind so the bike will handle a child’s thrashing.

Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, drivetrain from above

The complete bike seen here is a Fair Wheel custom build and its final price tag was not revealed, but Woom is offering two stock versions of the Carbonara which are available now in limited quantities. Check their website for full specs (link is below), but in short there’s an XT build selling for $2999 USD and for the luckiest little ones an XTR Di2 equipped model for $3499.

Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, cranks

Some special features of Fair Wheel’s customized Woom include a set of Bombshell 145mm cranks with a 104 BCD spider. The bike also rolls on Box Focus front-specific 20” rims which have been set up tubeless, and the Enve Sweep handlebar was cut to a kid-friendly 560mm width. Gear selection is handled by a Sram Red 22 Wifli rear derailleur, spanning a Recon 11-32t cassette via Sram’s S-700 trigger shifter.

Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, saddle Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, handlebars

There are plenty of other notable parts on this high-end build like the DT Swiss 240 hubs, Extralite 30t narrow-wide front chainring, HSC ceramic bottom bracket, Kcnc Knife titanium pedals, Shimano XT brakes squeezing Kcnc’s Razor rotors, plus a carbon 55mm stem and 27.2mm seatpost from Enve and a Tune Speedneedle carbon saddle.

Fairwheel BIkes custom Woom Carbonara 20" mtb, front wheel
*Photos courtesy of Fairwheel Bikes

And since a custom bike just wouldn’t be complete without some key finishing touches, this junior ripper is adorned with Tune skewers, Parts of Passion headset spacers and chainring bolts, a Fairwheel carbon bottle cage, and red anodized bar ends and valve caps. Some lucky kid out there is about to have some very jealous friends!

Check out this sweet ride and Fair Wheel Bike’s other creations here or get more info on the Woom Carbonara 4 here.


  1. Why does it have chainstays the length of a 29er? I hate seeing rich kids that cannot manual! or pop a wheelie! Its the biggest problem with kids bikes!

  2. Amazing kit on that bike with great finish shame the geometry is terrible! Front Center is the same length as the chainstays! Seriously what gives!!! BMX’s have better geo!

  3. To answer the questions above… The modern drivetrain has limitations as far as chainstay length to perform predictably and consistently. It is typically dictated by the drivetrain manufactures before initial build – IE Shimano and Sram.

    Ask anyone who has tuned a 650c road bike with a triple.


  4. I’m guessing the chainstay length has everything to do with preventing chain drops. Shorter chainstays would create pretty sharp angles between the chainring and either end of the cassette. There’s a reason Shimano specs a minimum chainstay length for their drivetrains.

    • Best option would have been to drop 3-4 cogs out of that 11cassette to narrow it down so they can use shorter stays. Longer limit screws may have been needed so the derailleur don’t get too far but it would have been possible and much better than that stretch limo kid bike.

  5. I agree it looks awkward but bmx bikes are single speed. you have to understand that all drivetrains have limits to the length of chainstay regardless of wheelsize. This bike is made to look amazing and be amazing to ride so fairwheel will not compromise shifting for aesthetics.

  6. If you have a geared bike you need a longer chain stay so the chain angle isn’t too severe or the chain won’t stay on the chain wheel.

  7. Anybody actually shopped for a good Kid’s bike lately? You know 20″ wheels aren’t very stable, right? If they tried to package the rear wheel like they do on modern 29ers, kids would be falling over backwards… This looks like a really good design.

  8. Paochow, that’s not even a remotely equal comparison, sure they both have 20″ wheels but other than that they aren’t anywhere near the same league. You might as well have said you can buy 30 used Walmart bikes on Craigslist. This is a high end race bike with top shelf kit (xt disc, narrow wide 1X, dt, Enve etc…) the isla is low end with lots of unbranded far east kit.

    • I’ll agree a Islabike has no way near the component level, but I seriously doubt most riders on a 20″ bike are going to be significantly faster on this bike that is 3# lighter than the Isla or has high end components that most 6 year old riders can’t use to their limits. Maybe the select few parents who have money to burn will feel better about it, but ultimately if asked which they’d prefer the typical 6 year old which pick the one in their favorite color…

      As for the Walmart comparison, comparing a obese 35# bike to either this or an Islabike is just crazy. My daughter had a 33# 20″ MTB and became easily a threefold better rider just swapping her onto the Islabike.

  9. I’m sure this kid will only ride it a handful of times before he gets bored with it and leaves it hanging in the garage to collect dust

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