With Mark Cavendish riding for Dimension Data this season, sponsored by MET helmets, it was time for him to get a new special edition helmet. As a prolific sprinter, he unsurprisingly opts for an aero road lid, so the last summer’s new Manta is his newest weapon of choice. Then as a proud proponent of his own personal brand, the Manta got a bit of Cvndsh treatment for the Manx Missile. Cav’s branded helmet sticks with same 3 piece in-molded shell as the original Manta, but gets his signature dark green metallic finish on the side panels, plus his thin green line detailing. Take a closer look, along with pricing and availability after the break…


The Manta is said to save 10W at 50km/h when it was wind tunnel tested against other comparable vented aero road helmets. While it uses a few larger front vents, it is the top-mounted through-vent that is thought to draw out the most hot air from the head, keeping you cool without increasing drag.

Claimed to weigh just 200g (for the CE certified version in a Medium), the Manta is one of, if not the lightest aero road helmets on the market. At the same time it is one of the more versatile offering CE, AU & CPSC certified versions in the same aero shell design.

MET-manta_Cvndsh_special-edition_aero-road-helmet_front MET-manta_Cvndsh_special-edition_aero-road-helmet_side MET-manta_Cvndsh_special-edition_aero-road-helmet_top

While the helmet isn’t yet available to buy, if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be entered to win one before they come to market this summer. Then 200€ will get you the limited edition Cvndsh Manta helmet when it is made available soon, and includes with it MET’s LED light that clips onto the fit system’s rear dial. That seems to be the standard Manta price, so this should be a good deal for someone looking for something a little different.

As a top end helmet in MET’s range it includes their best features. The Manta uses their Safe-T Advanced fit system with a light and thin cradle at the back of the head that offers up and down adjustment, as well as a fine control tension dial. Airlite straps give a light and breathable feel, and an included Gel O2 front pad give riders the option for comfort and longer durability while not absorbing sweat, versus the standard Coolmax pads.


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